Sophie and Robert From 90 Day Fiancé: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Bogdan Merlusca/TLC

Presented by Shaun Robinson, TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ is a show few have not heard of. With its unique concept and ever-engaging events, it is hardly a wonder that the reality series has become as popular as it is today. Hence, when it was announced that Sophie and Robert would be a part of the 14th season of the show, many of the fans were eager to know what they could about this couple. From their whereabouts to their love story, there are several elements of their lives that have piqued the interest of the public, and we are here to share what we know about the same!

Sophie and Robert: Where Are They From?

The gorgeous Sophie hails from the United Kingdom and seems to adore the idea of glamour and glitz in every form. According to Robert, she has “spoiled rich girl tendencies.” Always eager to live life to the fullest, she is open to new ideas and making friends. While not averse to the idea of marriage, she did state in the show that being pregnant was not something that she thought she would enjoy. Nevertheless, it is clear that Sophie enjoys a certain luxury in life and does not like it when her expectations are not met.

As for Robert, he is based in Los Angeles, California, which is where he lives his life in the way he wants. A model by profession, he might not hail from the most glamorous side of LA, but that has not stopped him from making a life for himself. His living conditions are described by Sophie as “humble.” The nonchalance that Robert showed when it came to gunshots certainly shocked Sophie, but it seemed like the man in question was trying to make the best of the situation.

Sophie and Robert: How Did They Meet?

Sophie and Robert first met via the internet. The latter is a model by profession who had shared his pictures on Instagram. He admitted that while he often gets messages from girls on the platform, he decided to talk to Sophie after she followed him because of how gorgeous she is. In turn, Sophie admitted that she thought Robert was quite cute, though she jokingly confessed that she never said it to him as he “might get a massive head.”

“I shot my shot, and I must have made that shot,” Robert describes while talking about how they got together. Initially, the two conversed over social media before deciding to meet in real life. It was when they got to see each other for the first time that they realized that they might indeed be made for each other. This soon led to an engagement with the promise of marriage. Looking forward to her life in the USA, Sophie came to LA on a K1 visa.

However, Sophie was shocked when she realized that the glamour and glitz that she had been expecting from the city was not something that her fiancé was a part of. Describing his background as a “humble” one, she registered how truly shocked she was. Additionally, it seemed evident that despite their promise of marriage, the betrothed couple had yet to talk about some crucial topics when it came to their future, especially in regard to potential children.

Sophie and Robert: Future Prospects

For Sophie and Robert, things were not as smooth as they might have liked following the former’s move to the USA. It seemed obvious that Sophie’s expectations of her life with Robert in LA were relatively high. Hence, she seemed pretty shocked about his actual lifestyle. Additionally, her confession of not wanting to be pregnant seemed like a huge dealbreaker for Robert, who claimed that he could not see himself walking down the aisle at that point.

Given the bold declaration made by Robert and the continued mismatch of expectations between the two, many expected the two to not even get married and break up before the 90 days were up. The adverse reaction that Robert had when it came to the topic of pregnancy also makes it evident that the couple had yet to talk about some crucial topics when it came to spending their whole lives together.

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