Sophie: Where is Cheat Episode 5 Runner-Up Now?

Season 1 episode 5 of Netflix’s ‘Cheat‘ introduced Sophie Metcalfe, a Solicitor from Dewsbury, who had her own strategy for playing the game. While she insisted that she was extremely good at spotting liars and cheats, she also hinted that she would never hesitate to resort to underhand tactics if it gave her an advantage. Naturally, Sophie’s charm and determination made her a fan-favorite contestant and most believed she would walk home with the money. However, with filming now wrapped, let’s find out her current whereabouts, shall we?

Sophie’s Cheat Journey

Sophie showed tremendous confidence right from the beginning and was sure about her chances of winning. She even had a brilliant strategy up her sleeve and wanted to see how far she could get by exploiting the game’s mechanics. On top of it, Sophie insisted that her career as a Solicitor trained her to hunt out cheats, and she was an expert at noticing body language. Although she earned a perfect score in the first round, some of her co-contestants accused her of cheating on a few questions.

However, the Dewsbury resident had no reason to worry about stray allegations, as she was also the one with the highest number of accurate accusations. Hence, as the lead cheat hunter, Sophie earned an automatic entry into the next round and decided to eliminate Emma, who was impossible to read. Subsequently, in a shocking twist, the show revealed that Sophie had cheated on all her answers in round 1, and fans wondered if she could get away with it for a second time.

These fears appeared legit as Sophie was even caught cheating twice in the second round. Yet, she retained her position as lead cheat hunter, giving her automatic entry into the finals. On top of it, the Solicitor chose to eliminate Nathan, as she believed that Success was easier to read. Despite Sophie cheating on all eight questions to get to the final, none of her opponents were onto her.

Consequently, fans believed the Dewsbury native had the upper hand in the final round against Success. Nevertheless, as the game progressed, neither seemed eager to accuse the other of using underhand methods. Sophie eventually took the plunge and alleged that Success had cheated on one of his answers. This call was inaccurate, and Sophie had to settle for second place, whereas Success walked away with the prize money.

Where is Sophie Metcalfe Now?

Sophie completed her Master’s in Law from Northumbria University before starting her professional journey as a Paralegal for Legacare(UK). In 2013, she volunteered for the Newcastle-based organization Victim Support and later joined the Northumbria University Student Law Office as a Law Advisor. Besides, she gained experience working as a Paralegal for Lyons Davidson Solicitors but left the job in February 2015.

At present, Sophie resides in Dewsbury while working as an Associate Solicitor for the Leeds-based firm JWP Solicitors. In fact, she has built quite a bit of a reputation in her field and was even accredited to the Law Society Children Panel in August 2021. Moreover, even though Sophie prefers privacy regarding her personal details, she seems to be living a wonderful life surrounded by her loved ones, and we hope happiness never eludes her.

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