Success Ariyibi: Cheat Episode 5 Winner is Focusing on His Bachelor Degree Today

Netflix’s ‘Cheat‘ is an exciting reality show encouraging contestants to cheat to progress. Though cheating is allowed, it is never rewarded, and eventually, the person responsible for hunting the most cheats gains an advantage. Season 1 episode 5 of ‘Cheat’ introduced us to Success Ariyibi, a Political Science Student from Romford. While he insisted that his experience with politics might help him get away with lying, he was also confident in his trivia knowledge. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out where Success is at present, shall we?

Success’ Cheat Journey

Success was confident about his chances of winning from the beginning and was eager to face his competitors. Besides, even though he seemed unsure about his ability to detect cheats, he hoped his trivia knowledge would carry him through the rounds. Nevertheless, Success finished with a perfect score in round one. Despite some of his competitors, especially Sophie, suspecting him of cheating on every answer, the show revealed that he had cheated just twice. Meanwhile, the latter ended with the highest number of accurate cheat accusations, and she used her advantage to eliminate Emma, as she was challenging to read.

Interestingly, Success tried maintaining his integrity in round 2 but was forced to cheat on two difficult questions. Yet, he was immediately called out by his opponents on both occasions, and the answers did not add any money to the total prize pool. Moreover, Sophie held on to her position as the leading cheat hunter at the end of round two and chose to eliminate Nathan, as she believed Success was easier to read.

With Success facing off against Sophie in round 3, the competition was tense as no one wanted to accuse the other. However, she eventually believed she saw something and alleged that her opponent had used underhand means to answer a question. Unfortunately, this call was inaccurate, and Success walked home with 26,000 pounds.

Where is Success Now?

Readers will be interested to know that Success Ariyibi embarked on a professional career while still completing his high school degree. He interned at Barclays UK for a month in 2018 before joining The Common Sense Network as an Events Manager in July 2020. In the meantime, he was employed as a Young Advisor by Chatham House in November 2020 and was involved with Civil Service Fast Stream as an EDIP Intern.

Success is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree in Politics & International Studies with Global Sustainable Development from the University of Warwick, where he will graduate in July 2024. Additionally, he is still employed by Chatham House as a Young Advisor and has started working at Volvo Financial Services as a Service Intern.

On the other hand, Success describes himself as a part-time athlete participating under the banner of the Coventry-based jump squad, The Jump Society, and presents the popular ‘Redefined Gospel Sounds’ podcast. From the looks of it, he is enjoying life with his loved ones, and we hope he remains happy in the years ahead.

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