Review: Space Force Season 1 Episode 10

It was in the first episode of the season that ‘Space Force’ had hinted at the war that finally culminates in the final episode. The show uses this to exhibit the character development of Naird. At the beginning of the season, he was the first one to suggest dropping a bomb. The story circles back to the same point, and this time, too, someone suggests dropping a bomb, but in a different context and with much higher stakes. Naird, however, has understood that killing each other won’t solve anyone’s problems and tries to stop the war rather than indulging in it.

Space Force Episode 10 Recap

After Space Force lands on the Moon, the Chinese create further provocation by trampling the flag of America that was planted there by Apollo 11. This angers POTUS, and immediate retaliation is demanded from Naird. He, however, doesn’t consider it more than a trick and thinks about creating some minor nuisance for them. The other Chiefs welcome his approach, but the Secretary of Defense is not convinced. He wants to wage war on the Chinese, but Naird knows that their astronauts are barely equipped with taking care of themselves on the Moon, let alone kill someone there.

As he is pushed to make a decision, Naird finds himself at a crossroads. Mallory beseeches him to do the right thing, but going against direct order would create more problems for him. Eventually, he finds it best to let the situation cool down rather than feeding the fire even more. Due to his actions, or rather, inaction, Kick is assigned to take over the job. He arrests Naird and Mallory and sends the astronauts on the mission to eliminate the enemy. But this only makes it all the worse.

Meanwhile, Erin is angered by the new arrangement of his parents’ marriage that allows them to live their life without caring about what’s happening with her. On a whim, she gets in a truck with strangers and ends up in a secluded place in the desert. She calls Mark, but he is detained, and her mother cannot get out of prison. She tries to run away on her own, but the men chase her.

Space Force Episode 10 Review

The finale keeps all the characters on edge and the viewers are left guessing about what happens next. It also takes a weird turn with Erin’s story and almost creates the vibe of a true-crime show, but uses that arc to drive the finale to its end. It also leaves the story at a critical point and keeps the possibilities open for another season, which leads us to the most important question about it. Has the show done enough to make the viewers come back for more?

The collaboration of Steve Carell and Greg Daniels was enough to bring ‘The Office’ fandom to ‘Space Force’. They had an added edge because the show was something that had never been done before because something like its real-life counterpart had never existed before. On top of that, they had a great cast with John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, and other great names in comedy or otherwise making an appearance in one way or another. And yet, the show lacked enough fuel to launch properly.

The show had a great start. It had the element of surprise because we didn’t know what to expect, and in the first couple of episodes, it did keep us hooked. However, by mid-season, it started to lose its grasp and became somewhat erratic sometimes. It lost sight of whatever its intention was, to begin with, and in taking a middle ground, it never quite hits the mark.

Another thing that makes it dull sometimes is the humor that gets buried somewhere in between. Instead of becoming a proper sitcom or working as a parody, the laughs are not delivered, and there are times when you catch yourself disinterested and distracted. For the sheer talent involved with the show, this shouldn’t have been the case.

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