Statler and Dempsey: The 90 Day Fiance Couple Are Happily Together

In the hopes of finding forevermore, couples undertake a challenging journey to get to the person they think can be their life partner in ‘90 Days Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.’ The TLC series features couples who decide to relocate to the States to be with their paramour. However, a transcontinental move also brings the tumult of interpersonal issues and immigration bottlenecks. As couples hope to overcome the impeding obstacles in their relationship, several dramatic themes emerge.

Having made its debut in 2017, the reality television show has continued to garner wide acclaim. The sixth iteration of the series features Staler and Dempsey Wilkinson, a couple who share different views on several issues. Naturally, fans have continued to wonder where the individuals are these days. So, if you’re also wondering more about the reality stars, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Statler and Dempsey’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days Journey

Overcoming boundaries and cultural differences, Statler and Dempsey were yet another couple on the series who hoped to make things work despite having their share of differences. Having felt like the black sheep of her family, Statler had always felt distant as an adopted child of her family. Naturally, the Texas native did not want a throw-and-miss when it came to romance. After developing a connection with an England resident for seven months, Statler decided to fly to Europe to meet Dempsey.

90 Day Fiance' Did Dempsey & Statler Break Up?

Despite sharing affection for one another, Statler and Dempsey had their share of reservations. Shortly after Statler arrived in the UK, Dempsey felt put off that her paramour was still in contact with her ex-girlfriend, who also happened to be an England native. While the couple managed to cross that bridge, things became more complicated when Statler professed her love to Dempsey. While the 28-year-old caterer and cook reciprocated those feelings, she still felt that Statler would often rush into things.

Dempsey’s doubt was given more traction when Statler proposed the idea of moving in with her. While the 32-year-old Texan had the freedom to work from anywhere on the globe, Dempsey still felt that Statler was accelerating their relationship at an extremely fast pace. The issues between them culminated to a boiling point after the couple shared their different opinions on child-rearing.

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While Dempsey shared strong feelings for bringing life into this world, Statler felt that things weren’t as simple as they seemed. As a former adoptee, Statler still shared her share of trauma and didn’t feel strongly about raising kids of her own. Despite these contrasting opinions, the duo appeared on the ‘Tell-All’ episode and confessed that they managed to work things out. In the season finale, they also shared plans of getting a camper van and exploring Europe indefinitely. Labelling their future as the ultimate “lesbian dream,” the couple also explained that Statler would be covering the costs as the sole breadwinner in the relationship.

Are Statler and Dempsey Still Together?

Despite sharing different opinions on several subjects, Statler and Dempsey managed to display the power of their connection even outside the show. After the cameras stopped rolling, the two women decided to rethink their plans. While their European exploration has not manifested, it does not mean that the couple isn’t going strong. In lieu of traveling in a camper van, Statler and Dempsey have recently explored Austin, Texas.

Not only is the couple still going strong, but they have also made several changes to accommodate each other in their life. The duo recently took to their Instagram to share the latest update on their relationship. The reality TV stars recently reconnected in Statler’s home state and also shared snippets of their vacation online. Statler captioned their time together as “Dempsey coming to Texas was fantastic! Surprise Austin stay, jet skiing, plane ride, baseball game, kayaking, & more. Thank goodness she likes surprises. Austin is the best place in Texas to us both!.”

While the couple has yet to share concrete plans about their future, it is apparent that they are still making strides as individuals and romantic partners. On the one hand, Statler is still excelling at her job in the finance department of a freight logistics company. Similarly, Dempsey is also exploring the heights of her passion and excellence. The television personality is the owner of Conscious Catering, a business located in North Yorkshire. So, even though the future is indefinite, it is certain that several milestones still lay ahead for the transcontinental couple.

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