Stephanie Smith My 600-lb Life Update: Where is She Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ features a number of inspirational accounts of people who are morbidly obese and have struggled to lose weight. The series showcases a variety of these journeys in which the cast members, who often weigh 600 pounds or more, adhere to rigid and rigorous reforms, including food and fitness regimens. Dr. Now, who is a renowned bariatric surgeon, assists and monitors these individuals in their quest to shed enough pounds to qualify for the highly sought-after weight reduction procedure.

Since its debut in 2012, the reality show has presented both smooth, successful, and struggling patients who have a tougher journey to weight loss. Stephanie Smith of season 11, episode 6, was determined to shed her weight quickly, get in better shape and live her life to the fullest. And now that she’s been away from the cameras, her fans must be curious to know where she is. If you’re also eager to know about her, here’s everything we found out! 

Stephanie Smith’s My 600-lb Life Journey

When she appeared on the show, Stephanie Smith weighed 611 pounds and was on a diet consisting of over 10,000 calories per day. Her food addiction became uncontrollable to the point where it became her only source of happiness. Although she was in pain because of her weight, she still couldn’t manage her eating habits. She experienced a lot as a child, but her parent’s divorce was the one event that really affected her life. Stephanie’s mother claimed in a confessional, “Stephanie’s dad was a truck driver. So he was on the roads a lot. He and I had a fallout, and he left me with the kids.”

As she was alone, she made a call to Stephanie’s father for assistance. He told her to contact him while she was in California since he was a supportive guy. Tragically, he passed away in an accident just a day or two after the pair arrived in California. Stephanie and her mother lost everything, including their house, and had no one to turn to for financial or emotional help. Due to their living conditions, Stephanie was living out of foster care.

For Stephanie, it was as if she had lost two parents on the same day. She was in foster care for about four years. This was when her unhealthy obsession with food started. Stephanie said, “I ate whatever I could to suppress. Something to make me happy.” Stephanie has given serious thought to her future in light of the fact that she is an obese mother of three. She worried that because of her health problems, she might not live to see her children grow up. Stephanie decides that she must set aside everything and concentrate on decreasing weight in order to live a healthy life.

Even after doing so well, it came as a shock when Stephanie opted out of Dr. Now’s plan. The bariatric surgeon gave Stephanie a similar eating regimen, but after seeing no improvements in her weight, he suspected she hadn’t been following it. Interestingly, Stephanie had blocked Dr. Now and stopped answering his calls before the end of the episode. She wouldn’t show up for their arranged meetings. Stephanie said at the end of the episode that she was leaving the program and claimed that Dr. Now had given up on her.

Where is Stephanie Smith Now?

Unlike most ‘My 600-lb Life’ stars, Stephanie does not have a recognized social media page. It would make it easier to track her progress after the show. However, it is rumored that Stephanie might be sticking to her diet and exercising on her own for the sake of her children. Though it is hard to tell the progress she has made so far after the cameras turned, we hope that Stephanie is doing well, and we certainly hope that she lives a long life to see her children grow as she wishes. 

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