Apple TV+’s Sugar: Where Is Colin Farrell’s Show Filmed?

Under the creative direction of Mark Protosevich, ‘Sugar’ follows an unassuming private detective as he investigates the disappearance of a Hollywood producer’s granddaughter, becoming embroiled in an extensive conspiracy linked to the criminal underworld. An admirer of films and the cityscape of Los Angeles, John Sugar is hired by an acclaimed Hollywood producer to find his missing granddaughter. The private investigator’s search leads him to unexpected places, where he unearths an organized criminal network operating from the shadows of the city.

Despite the case putting him and his close ones in danger, the kind-hearted detective refuses to abandon the investigation as the missing girl’s last hope. The Apple TV+ crime series boasts stellar performances alongside nostalgic cinematography with distinct neo-noir elements accentuated by its Los Angeles backdrop. With the setting of Hollywood becoming a character in its own right, enthusiasts of the show will likely delve deeper into the exact locations behind the camera.

Sugar Filming Locations

True to its narrative, ‘Sugar’ is filmed in Los Angeles, California. Principal photography for the show reportedly began in August 2022, and filming for the first season was completed by fall 2022. Living in Los Angeles for over two decades, lead actor Colin Farrell finds it to be the perfect setting for Sugar’s tale. “There’s nowhere really more fascinating in so many different ways in the world than this city,” said Farrell about Los Angeles in an interview. “It’s so kaleidoscopic.”

Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels is the comprehensive filming location for ‘Sugar,’ serving as an authentic backdrop for the genre-bending detective show. In line with its story, shooting for the series largely takes place around Hollywood, which becomes a central character that embodies the glitz, glamour, and darker undercurrents of the entertainment industry. The diverse urban sprawl of the region presents a labyrinthine complex of freeways and dark, gritty streets that embody the essence of film noir captured by ‘Sugar.’

“People think L.A. is an up-all-night kinda town, but it really isn’t,” says Sugar in the show, foreshadowing the city’s darker nature. “After midnight, except the club kids along the strip or the crawlers down in Hollywood, everyone’s in bed. You can come and go as you like.” One of the primary reasons for Farrell starring as the lead in the series was that its shooting was taking place in the heart of Hollywood. The Oscar-nominated actor confessed that despite his love for his work, he prefers not to be away from home for too long, agreeing to the extensive filming required for ‘Sugar’ partly because of the shooting locations’ proximity.

Exterior shots of one of the houses Sugar visits while beginning his investigation were lensed at 17133 Nanette Street, Granada Hills. Built with mid-century modern architecture, the property sits in the posh neighborhood of Granada Hills, known for its sprawling homes and deodar pine trees. With its suburban feel, residential areas, parks, and schools, the neighborhood was used to shoot iconic scenes for the movie ‘Project X.’

When Sugar visits a vintage bar to follow up on a lead, the establishment he enters is the real-world Boardner’s by La Belle bar at 1652 North Cherokee Avenue. Established in 1927, the historic Hollywood bar is tucked away on a quiet side street off Hollywood Boulevard and serves as a backdrop that oozes old-school charm. The establishment is known for its cozy atmosphere with a jukebox and its status as a popular filming location. It has hosted scenes from numerous TV shows and movies, including ‘Hollywood Homicide,’ ‘LA Confidential,’ ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Two Cops,’ and ‘True Blood.’

Sugar’s interest in the film history of Los Angeles and his curiosity about his environment play into our perception of the city, taking on a new perspective from his eyes. Adding to this factor in the first season was award-winning Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, as he took over the director’s reins for its majority. Being an outsider to Los Angeles, Meirelles explored the city with great interest and was often puzzled by its extensive nature and peculiarities. This perception has found its way into the director’s work and imbued the show with a sense of wonder and discovery in Sugar’s city-spanning adventure.

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