Sugar: What Happens to Wiley the Dog?

John Sugar forms an endearing bond with Wiley the Dog while investigating the disappearance of Olivia Siegel in Apple TV+’s crime series ‘Sugar.’ Wiley accompanies Sugar whenever he leaves his hotel to do his investigations. When the private detective realizes that he cannot endanger the dog’s life as he steps into troubled waters, Wiley waits for him in his hotel room. As the series progresses, the viewers are left wondering what will happen to the beloved dog when Sugar’s assignment concludes, paving the way for his departure from Los Angeles. The first season finale provides insights into his fate! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wiley Finds a New Home

John Sugar concludes his investigation in Los Angeles by finding Olivia Siegel in the seventh episode of the series. In the first season finale, he wraps up his assignment by completing several tasks, including finding a new home for Wiley. The beloved dog gets adopted by Melanie Mackintosh, who has grown attached to the former, like the private investigator. Wiley is a constant presence among Sugar and Melanie when they set out to unravel the mystery behind Olivia’s vanishing. Since she is the closest and most trustworthy person he knows in the city, especially after Ruby’s betrayal, Sugar is comfortable leaving Wiley in his new friend’s hands.

As far as Melanie is concerned, Wiley’s companionship becomes an integral part of her life. Sugar encounters Melanie when she struggles to find balance in her life. She stoops to not only loneliness but also hopelessness because of Olivia’s disappearance. Sugar’s unexpected friendship restores light and hope in her life, and he may want the same to remain even after his departure from the city. That can also be the reason why he accepts Melanie as the new guardian of his canine companion. The inherent goodness in Sugar may not want to see Melanie returning to a realm of loneliness. The private detective has benefited significantly from Wiley’s presence, and he may know the changes the dog can bring to someone’s existence.

Even though Sugar hands Wiley over to Melanie, his companionship with the dog may not have concluded. Towards the end of the first season, Sugar learns that Henry is the person behind his sister’s disappearance, which convinces him to stay back in Los Angeles, irrespective of his companions’ return to their home planet. Considering the bond they share, it won’t be a surprise to see him returning to Wiley and picking up the dog from Melanie before he starts his search for the anthropologist. If that’s the case, we will see Wiley beside the private investigator in his Chevrolet Corvette again.

The show’s first installment ends with immense scope for a second season. If another chapter of Sugar’s investigations and adventures materializes, Wiley may become a considerable part of it. Since Sugar is an alien who cannot make permanent relationships with humans, Wiley’s existence in his life makes sense.

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