Sullivan’s Crossing Renewed For Season 3 at CTV and The CW

Life will continue to exist in the campground of Sullivan’s Crossing! CTV and The CW have renewed the romantic drama series ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ for its third season. The upcoming installment’s shooting will start on August 1 in Nova Scotia and conclude in November. Roma Roth, who created the series based on Robyn Carr’s novel series of the same name, continues to serve as the showrunner. Bradley Walsh and Gail Harvey will return as directors.

The third season is greenlit ahead of the conclusion of the second installment, which will conclude its 10-episode run on June 9. So far in the sophomore season, Maggie Sullivan returns to find Sully in the hospital, struggling with the feeling that he has forgotten something important. Meanwhile, Cal Jones is puzzled by Maggie’s cold shoulder, unaware that Lola took his goodbye letter. Maggie searches for clues about Sully’s condition while grappling with decisions about her own future. Together with Cal, Lola, and Sydney, Maggie helps Edna prepare the campground for an impending storm.

As the installment progresses, Frank assists Sully in figuring out what has been troubling him. As the storm forces Maggie and Cal to take shelter at the latter’s cabin, their relationship begins to heat up. Maggie, uncertain about her fate and the future of the Crossing, seeks ways to support Sully. Her world is further shaken by devastating news about her stepfather. Amid the turmoil, Cal learns about Maggie’s pregnancy and receives a visitor, while Phoebe and Sully start bonding over the prospect of becoming grandparents.

As the finale of the second season approaches, viewers can anticipate heightened emotional stakes as Maggie’s care for Cal’s sister unravels deeper layers of his past. With revelations looming, the finale promises to be a gripping culmination of the season’s intertwining storylines. The events in the remaining three episodes of season 2 are expected to determine the trajectory of the narrative of the third installment.

Although official confirmation is pending, most of the main cast members are expected to return in season 3. The romantic drama’s fans can look forward to Morgan Kohan as Maggie Sullivan, Chad Michael Murray as Cal Jones, Tom Jackson as Frank Cranebear, Andrea Menard as Edna Cranebear, and Scott Patterson as Harry “Sully” Sullivan. The return of these key characters will likely be essential to exploring the existing storylines and further developing the intricate dynamics established in the previous episodes.

Nova Scotia served as the filming location for previous seasons of the show and has recently hosted the shooting of other projects such as ‘Chapelwaite,’ another adapted series, as well as season 4 of ‘The Sinner.’

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