Meredith Hagner to Star in Comedy TV Series ‘Summer Of ’69’

Meredith Hagner is all set to star in the upcoming comedy series ‘Summer Of ’69.’ Filming is slated to commence in Syracuse, NY, starting on June 17th and wrapping up on July 26th. Spearheading this project as both the writer and director is Jillian Bell. The plot of the show revolves around Abby, who, upon discovering her high school crush’s preferred coital position, seeks to familiarize herself with it with the assistance of a local stripper. However, as Abby grapples with the idea of advancing their relationship, she realizes that the journey has granted her much more: a newfound sense of self and a lasting friendship.

Meredith Hagner was recently featured in ‘Vacation Friends 2,’ where she portrayed Kyla, navigating the complexities of vacation friendships and transitioning to home life. She also took on the role of Jess in the comedy ‘Joy Ride,’ delving into the comedic dynamics penned by Adele Lim. In ‘Baby Ruby,’ Hagner embodied the character of Shelly, exploring the transformative journey of a vlogger transitioning into motherhood, in a feature directed by noted playwright Bess Wohl. Additionally, she appeared as Greta in ‘The Hater,’ a film exploring political and personal conflicts in a Texas setting. Additionally, in HBO’s ‘Search Party,’ Hagner brought to life the character of Portia Davenport, one of the central figures navigating an ominous disappearance in this dark comedy series.

Jillian Bell’s latest role was in the film ‘Candy Cane Lane,’ where she portrayed Pepper, diving into the chaos that ensues when a man makes a pact with an elf to win a Christmas decorating contest, leading to unexpected mayhem as the 12 days of Christmas come to life. Additionally, in the past year, she has been involved in projects such as ‘Good Burger 2,’ ‘Fool’s Paradise,’ and ‘Murder Mystery 2.’

She also took on the roles of writer and co-creator for the ‘Idiotsitter’ series, where she portrayed Gene Russell. The show follows a straight-laced young woman hired to babysit a wealthy, immature heiress left alone in her father’s mansion under house arrest. Additionally, she contributed to an episode of ‘Hot Girl Walks By,’ exploring the universal disruption caused when a stunning woman passes by. Furthermore, she has written numerous episodes for ‘Saturday Night Live.’ On the directing front, she has previously helmed a music video for Ben Abraham’s ‘If I Didn’t Love You.’

Recent productions stemming from Syracuse, NY, include Jesse Eisenberg’s ‘Manodrome’ and ‘Crush.’

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