Good Burger 2: The Sequel Was Primarily Shot in Rhode Island

A sequel to the 1997 classic comedy film ‘Good Burger,’ which was adapted from a comedy sketch titled ‘All That,’ Paramount+’s ‘Good Burger 2’ is a comedy movie that takes place 26 years after the events of the parent movie. Having parted ways earlier, Dexter Reed and Ed had gone their separate ways but things haven’t turned out to be great for the former as his inventions keep failing one after the other. Downtrodden with no stability in his life, Dexter is invited by Ed with open arms to join him at Good Burger just like the old times.

While working with a new lively bunch of employees at the burger place, Dexter plans to get back on his feet yet again but not without risking the fate of Good Burger. Directed by Phil Traill, the film brings back the duo of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell together as Dexter and Ed respectively, who are accompanied by Jillian Bell, Lil Rel Howery, Josh Server, and Alex R. Hibbert. With the constant backdrop of Good Burger throughout the movie, the viewers are likely to wonder where the fictional burger spot scenes were filmed.

Good Burger 2 Filming Locations

‘Good Burger 2’ was primarily filmed across Rhode Island, in a number of locations, including Providence County, Warwick, and East Greenwich. Some portion of filming was also carried out in Los Angeles, California. As per reports, principal photography for the sequel got underway in mid-May 2023 and wrapped up in about a month or so, in June of the same year.

Providence County, Rhode Island

A major chunk of ‘Good Burger 2’ was lensed in Providence County, which is centered around the city of Providence. After scouting the area thoroughly, the production team decided to utilize the premises of the former Friendly’s restaurant at 1883 Mineral Spring Avenue in the town of North Providence. With the help of a splashy paint job and a revived interior design featuring blue and red patterns, the property was ready to be used as a stand-in for Good Burger in the movie.

As a result, a few local businesses’ appearances and storefronts across the street were also improvised temporarily in order to represent the fictional establishments around Good Burger in the original movie. For instance, Syroya’s Bakery at 1860 Mineral Spring Avenue was turned into Wilcox Workout Supplies for a while. Moreover, the capital of Rhode Island — Providence — served as yet another important filming site for ‘Good Burger 2.’ For instance, some cast members were spotted in different areas of the city, including Layali Restaurant Bar at 36 Weybosset Street, Moonshine Alley at 52 Pine Street, the Capital Grille at 10 Memorial Boulevard Suite 101, and Olneyville New York System Restaurant at 18 Plainfield Street, all in Providence.

Other Locations in Rhode Island

For the purpose of shooting, the production team of ‘Good Burger 2’ also traveled to other locations across Rhode Island, including the city of Warwick. Furthermore, the county seat of Rhode Island’s Kent County — East Greenwich — served as one of the production locations as well. The cast and crew members reportedly also set up camp in and around the Ocean House at 1 Bluff Avenue in the town of Westerly.

Los Angeles, California

During the early stages of the production process, in May 2023, Kenan Thompson and the rest of the crew members were spotted recording several pivotal sequences in the city of Los Angeles. The main characters were seen donning their iconic blue and white pinstripe uniforms of Good Burger in different streets and neighborhoods of LA. Apart from ‘Good Burgers 2,’ the locales of the City of Angels have also been featured in ‘Old Dads,’ ‘Dumb Money,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ and ‘Six Feet Under.’

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