Old Dads: Shooting Location of the Netflix Movie

Directed by actor-comedian Bill Burr, ‘Old Dads’ is a comedy film that follows three best friends — Jack Kelly, Connor Brody, and Mike Richards — who became fathers quite late in life. The trio sells their vintage sports apparel business, which is taken over by an eccentric young CEO, leading to Jack getting frustrated. This results in a series of chaotic events at his work, home, and even his child’s progressive preschool.

The three old dads embark on a wild journey, from casinos to strip clubs to the streets of Los Angeles, to regain their families and self-esteem in a hilarious, unexpected quest. The Netflix film is driven by the stellar performances of Burr, Bobby Cannavale, Bokeem Woodbine, Katie Aselton, and Jackie Tohn. Another thing that stands out in the movie is its stunning visuals, which makes one think about where ‘Old Dads’ was filmed. If you are also wondering about the same, here is everything you need to know.

Old Dads Filming Locations

‘Old Dads’ was entirely shot in Southern California, particularly in Los Angeles. The filming commenced at the beginning of March 2022 and was concluded on April 7 of the same year. Los Angeles is the home of Hollywood, where most of the major production studios are situated. Hence, it is convenient to shoot diverse projects in the city. Now, without any further ado, let’s have a look at all the locations where the film was shot.

Los Angeles, California

‘Old Dads’ was shot on location in the city of Los Angeles in California. The production crew utilized various places across the city to shoot a variety of sequences. Some iconic spots of the city feature in the film, including the 1st Street Bridge. Built in 1929, the bridge is known for its historical and architectural significance. The bridge spans the Los Angeles River and boasts ornate, decorative elements such as street lamps and intricate railings. It connects the neighborhoods of Boyle Heights and downtown Los Angeles, serving as a vital transportation link.

The 1st Street Bridge has also been featured in several other films, including the action-comedy ‘Last Action Hero,’ the crime filmMoney Talks,’ the comedy-drama ‘Cherry,’ and the action-adventure film ‘S.W.A.T.’ Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the US and features beautiful beaches, busy city streets, and vibrant neighborhoods. This variety of locations makes it easy for filmmakers to choose the right backdrop for their stories without traveling too far, hence making the city the preferred choice of directors to shoot various projects.

Additionally, the city has numerous studios, places to edit films, and companies with the availability of cameras and other equipment. Filmmakers also quickly find the right people in the city for their films as lots of actors, directors, writers, and crew members reside there. The global reputation of the City of Angels as a symbol of the film industry further adds to its charm. The city attracts international talent and investors, enhancing the global reach and influence of any production made within its borders.

Moreover, the Mediterranean climate of the city is another boon for filmmakers. With mild, predictable weather year-round, Los Angeles minimizes the risks of weather-related disruptions to production schedules. Hence, the city has served as a filming location for several films over the years, including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling-starrer ‘Barbie,’ Cillian Murphy-starrer ‘Oppenheimer,’ Vin Diesel-starrer ‘Fast X,’ and Anthony Ramos-starrer ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.’

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