Sun Myung Moon’s Net Worth at the Time of His Death

Netflix’s ‘How to Become a Cult Leader’ is a satirical documentary series in which narrator Peter Dinklage shares tips about everything one needs to know to lead a religious group of their own. One of the most eye-raising examples shared in the show is that of Sun Myung Moon, the man behind the Unification Church, whose connections within the political world of the USA were certainly impressive. However, many people cannot help but wonder just how rich Moon was at the time of his demise. If you are also in the same boat, explore it all with us!

How Did Sun Myung Moon Earn His Money?

Born in present-day North Korea on January 6, 1920, Moon established the Unification Church in Seoul, South Korea, in 1954. However, it was not until he moved to the USA in 1971 in order to increase his following that the organization became as well known as it is today. Moon claimed that he had been asked by Jesus himself to cleanse the world of sin, something that the Christian deity apparently stated that he had been unable to do.

As Moon’s influence across the USA grew, he sought to increase his political influence by integrating himself with influential political figures in the country. Some of his most ardent support came from politicians who were conservative and shared Moon’s aversion to communism. Additionally, Moon started several businesses under the banner of the Unification Church, some of which became highly successful and continue to generate revenue for the church even today.

Consider True World Foods, a brand that comes under the Unification Church that was established around the late 1970s and is widely considered the biggest sushi provider in the USA. Similarly, the group, and in turn Moon, founded The Washington Times, a well-known conservative newspaper that is primarily available in the area in and around the capital region of the USA. In fact, through various companies, Moon ensured that his wealth would only grow.

That being said, Moon’s most significant influence was as a religious leader. He and his wife Hak Ja Han were crowned in royal attire in the US capitol in 2004 by some prominent conservative leaders, which only highlighted how many connections he had established until that point. Indeed, the donations given by his followers were generous and helped spread the church’s message even further. Though he had to spend 13 months in jail following his 1982 conviction of filing false federal income tax returns and conspiracy, Moon’s reach did not diminish.

Sun Myung Moon’s Net Worth

The founder of the Unification Church, Moon, passed away on September 3, 2012, at the age of 92. At the time of his demise, the Korean-born leader was the head of several highly successful businesses and had several thousand devotees, many of whom were quite generous with their donations to him. Keeping his various sources of income in mind and frankly acknowledging just how successful some of his ventures were, many people think that he may have, at some point, been a billionaire. We believe that when Sun Myung Moon passed away, his net worth was approximately $900 million.

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