Surface Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Surface’ is an Apple TV+ series that tells the story of Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who has lost all her memories in an apparent suicidal attempt. As she recuperates, she realizes that she has a good life  — a loving husband and great friends, and she is part of the social elites of San Francisco. So, she can’t understand why she would try to kill herself. As the series progresses, she discovers that she was having an affair with an undercover police officer, Baden (Stephan James), and begins suspecting her husband, James. She starts to believe that James has committed financial fraud and collects evidence against him so Baden can approach the financial crime division. However, Sophie discovers that while money was indeed stolen, she was the one who took it.

In episode 6, she confronts James and pleads to him to tell the truth, and he does. Episode 7, titled ‘It Was Always Going to End This Way,’ revolves around the aftermath, as all three main characters prepare themselves for the inevitable disaster. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Surface’ episode 7. SDPOILERS AHEAD.

Surface Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Sophie visiting her therapist, Hannah (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), and using the perfect metaphor to explain what she has been in the lives of those around her. Sophie tells Hannah that she woke up in a middle of an explosion and realized that she was the bomb. She later meets up with Baden to ask whether he has shared the transactional details with anyone. He denies that he has and urges her to tell him what is happening. She doesn’t but claims that innocent people have gotten involved, When Sophie asks for more time, Baden gives her 24 hours.

After discovering that James has borrowed money from their friends, Sophie visits the bank that Baden mentioned in the previous episode, where she created an offshore account under the name Tess Caldwell, but she fails to get through their security measures because of her amnesia.

James tells Harrison about Baden getting access to his computer and having a copy of the transaction. They figure out that Todd has supplied the undercover police officer with the information and confront him on the rooftop of their office.

Sophie later visits Baden, who thinks that she has come to give him a greenlight to go after James, but she reveals that she is the one who stole the money and asks him to get rid of the evidence he has collected. But by then, it’s almost too late. He has already spoken to the financial crime unit. If he stops now, they will suspect him of wrongdoings and might come after him. Baden then urges Sophie to run away with him. He claims that they don’t have a chance in San Francisco., but if they move somewhere else, they can have a fresh start.

Meanwhile, James has followed Sophie. As he waits outside of Baden’s apartment building, he receives a call from Harrison, who tells him that he hired Baden to look into Sophie, fearing that she would do to James the very thing she ended up doing. While they were confronting Todd, James’ said Baden’s name. That’s how Harrison realized his role in the entire mess.

Surface Episode 7 Ending: Is Baden Dead?

Baden is introduced as one of the three most important characters in ‘Surface.’ He approached Sophie, who initially couldn’t recognize him but later realized they were having an affair. The complex dynamic between her, Baden, and James shifts back and forth throughout the series and comes to a climactic point in the penultimate episode. After his phone call with Harrison, James begins gathering information on Baden and later leaves a voice mail for the other man, threatening to expose him if he continues to come after Sophie.

Meanwhile, the people that Baden was infiltrating find out that he is a police officer. A desperate Baden approaches Sophie while she is at a restaurant with James and gives her a USB drive. When James spots Baden, a fight breaks out. Later, when she is alone at night, Sophie watches the video on the USB device and discovers that no one pushed her that day. By all indications, she tried to take her own life.

Sophie rushes to Baden’s apartment and discovers signs of a break-in. Although it isn’t shown on the screen, she finds Baden’s body inside. Back in her home, Sophie tells James about the video. They thought that Baden had tried to kill her. As that is evidently not the case, both are overwhelmed with guilt. James tries to convince Sophie they did nothing wrong, but that sounds like a hollow assurance.

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