Survivor Season 5: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Overcoming countless odds to win the top spot, sixteen contestants travel to a remote island in ‘Survivor: Thailand.’ The show follows the harsh conditions within which contestants must find food, water, and shelter without the help of any modern amenities. As the contestants try to win challenges and advance, drama and tension follow suit. Like its predecessors, season 5 of ‘Survivor’ also features its share of ups and downs. Released in 2002, the contestants have since branched out in their respective lives. So, if you’re also curious to learn more about the contestants of the reality television show years later, look no further because we’ve got the answers right here!

Brian Heidik is Enjoying Family Life Today

A former college athlete and the top salesman of used cars in the country then, Brian’s physical and mental capacities kept him a forerunner throughout the season. After winning the top spot, Brian was also considered for ‘Survivor: All-Stars,’ however, the idea was later scrapped. Brian was also involved in legal troubles shortly after the season dropped. He filed a restraining order against his then-wife Charmaine “C.C.” Costigan, alleging assault. The couple eventually divorced in 2006. In July of the same year, Brian was arrested on charges of misdemeanour and battery after his ex-wife alleged that he shot a dog with an arrow.

Nevertheless, Brian, who had appeared on ‘Days of Our Lives,’ ‘Nightcap,’ and ‘Baywatch Nights,’ prior to participating in ‘Survivor,’ has maintained his streak of success. The star bagged his second shot at love when he met Courtney Heidik. The two lovebirds tied the knot in 2006 and share three beautiful children — Ethan, Waylan, and Josslyn. Brian also shares a son named Logan with his ex-wife Charmaine. The 55-year-old is currently working as a closer and regularly connects with his old castmates and revels in the achievements of his children.

How did Clay Jordan Die?

After getting bested by Brian and losing the top spot, Clay made equally memorable experiences outside the show. The reality star lived in Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife and children after the season came to a close. Clay also operated his restaurant and was loved by his community. Alas, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Clay lost his wife, Linda Sue Jordan, to the virus. Shortly after, he suffered a short illness and passed away in May 2022 at 66. Despite his early departure, Clay has left behind a treasure of memories for people who knew and loved him. The reality star is survived by his children, Andy and Shanda, and several grandchildren.

Jan Gentry is Tutoring Children, Running, and Traveling

As the oldest female member on the show, Jan’s altruistic nature had been the centre of glee for the cast members. Remembered for burying a bat embryo and chicken feet, Jan’s colourful personality had enthralled many. After leaving the show, the mother of five has continued to stay active and even served as a substitute teacher during Covid-19. Now in her 70s, Jan tutors children with learning disabilities from ages 3-10. Aside from teaching, Jan still projects her adventurous spirit and continues to run and travel with her family. She also appeared on the ‘Talking with T-Bird’ podcast. Along with her five kids – Jef, Molly, Lisa, William and Keller, and their family, Jan continues to fulfil several roles.

Helen Glover is Traveling Globally, Enjoying Time with Family Now

The daughter of a Marine Corps officer, Helen, was working as a survival swim instructor for the Navy at the time of her appearance. After her exit from the show, Helen even appeared on ‘Survivor: The Tidesare Turning,’ and has continued to make progress in different ways. In 2005, she became the host of the radio station WHJJ-AM. After she was let go from the radio show for conservative opinions in 2013, she decided to travel around the globe. Now in her sixties, the star enjoys swimming, walking, and hiking. At 68 years old, Helen enjoys spending time with her husband, Jim Glover and grandchildren. Helen has also appeared on Rob Cesternino and Teresa Cooper’s podcast.

Ted Rogers Jr is Advancing in Software Development

Image Credit: Ted Rogers Jr/YouTube

The quasi-famous incident involving his co-star Ghandia blew up during the season and rendered tensions with the star even after he left the show. Nevertheless, the New York-based contestant with a degree in Management in Information Systems continued to climb new heights of success post his exit from the show. The star had already established himself as a software development manager and has since continued to accelerate in the field. Now a father, Ted continues to enjoy other aspects of his life. The 58-year-old also has a YouTube channel where he posts updates from his life.

Jake Billingsley is a Real Estate Broker Now

The Texan, who had solidified his leadership in ‘Survivor,’ became one of the most popular cast members of the show. After his exit, the reality star continued to explore new avenues of success. A published author, Jake has penned ‘Shaping My Hat,’ a memoir and inspirational story on his youth. Apart from his stint on ‘Survivor,’ Jake also made an appearance on ‘After Sundown,’ and ‘Late Show with David Letterman.’ Along with his wife Jeni, Jake shares familial bliss with his children, Jay and Jamie, stepsons – Donnie, Mark, Michael and grandchildren. Later, he ventured into real estate and is now a real estate broker. The 81-year-old is also a motivational speaker. Not just this, Jake also dabbles in photography and has had his work presented in galleries.

Penny Ramsey is a Proud Family Woman Today

Despite the initial road bumps, Penny had managed to integrate herself within her tribe easily. After getting evicted from the show, Penny ended up marrying Matt Otwell. After her exit from the show, the reality star initially became a drug sales representative. The Maryland alum now works at Novo Nordisk as the Executive Endocrinology Diabetes Care Specialist. She is also the mother of four children. At 48, Penny continues to embark on new experiences and channel her adventurous spirit.

Ken Stafford is Pursuing Acting, Spending Time with Family Today

While he was physically adept, Ken still got a boot from the show and placed eighth in the season. Despite his early exit, Ken continued his journey in law enforcement as a police officer but also ventured into different fields. The reality star took up acting and was featured in ‘Breathe,’ ‘A Happy Ending,’ and ‘When the Devil Comes.’ Now in his 50s, the reality star enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Erin Collins is Woodworking and Keeping Away from Media

A real estate agent at the time, Erin continued to explore other avenues of success even later. Since leaving behind the wilderness of ‘Survivor,’ Erin Collins has continued to explore a number of interests. She briefly took up acting and starred in ‘Male Fantasy’ and ‘The Next.’ After leaving entertainment, Erin got into woodworking and has since been working as a wood artist and a carpenter, for which she appeared on Animal Planet’s ‘Treehouse Masters.’ Other than her brief jaunt on reality television, Erin, now in her late 40s, likes to keep away from the media.

Shii Ann Huang is a Successful Real Estate Broker in New York

The first-ever Asian player to appear on the reality series, Shii Ann Huang continued her strike of success even after leaving the show. After her exit from Season 5, Shii Ann also appeared on ‘Nerd Wars,’ ‘Survivor: Men vs. Women,’ and ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ At 49, the star is now recognized as an award-winning real estate broker with her team at Compass. Shii Ann also did a deal on ‘Million Dollar Listing’ and is now based in New York with her family.

Robb Zbacnik is Focusing on His Photography Business Today

Since his days on the CBS reality show, Robb has grown as an actor and even ventured into different pursuits. Some of his appearances include, ‘Saddle Ranch,’ and ‘The Mercenary.’ Primarily, the star has taken to photography. Over the years, Robb has gotten a vast clientele and shoots headshots, bands, and even lifestyle photos. Since 2018, the star has gone independent and has his website. for accruing clientele. The 44-year-old star is still close to his old cast mates and regularly catches up with them.

Stephanie Dill is Enjoying Family Life Today

The firefighter and EMT had also been isolated from her tribe for lack of not wanting to work with others, which ultimately lost her the top spot and got her an early boot. After her exit from the show, Stephanie became a college lecturer while getting a PhD in hydrogeology. Stephanie tied the knot with Jim Lampinen, PhD, on October 1, 2005. Now, the 50-year-old continues to create new memories with her family away from social media.

Ghandia Johnson is an Actor Now

The ensuing chaos after Ghandia alleged that Ted Rogers Jr. groped her made for one of the most remarkable moments on the show. Nevertheless, despite her early exit from the show, Ghandia has created equally memorable memories outside too. The star got married and gave birth to her sons Samson and Savio shortly after the show came to a close. She is also a successful actor in Colorado and has been a part of live theatre and commercial productions. Now in her 50s, Ghandia also has a GoFundMe to help her move after she became an empty nester.

Jed Hildebrand is Running Orthodontic Practice Today

After getting eliminated for not contributing to making the shelter, Jed continued to climb the ladder of success. Jed is now a successful orthodontist and has his own practice in Dallas called Hildebrand Orthodontics. Renowned in his field and even voted top orthodontist for braces and Invisalign, Jed has also accrued equal success in his personal lie. Married to Kim Hildebrand, the duo are parents to two beautiful children named Kai and Liv. In addition to gushing about his children and family, Jed also spends his time exploring and partaking in different adventures with his loved ones.

Tanya Vance is Working in Pharmaceutical Sales Now

Despite her affable demeanour and endearing personality, Tanya ultimately had to leave the show because she got a major case of malaria. While the issue later turned out to be an allergic reaction to the malaria medicine, Tanya was still booted from the show early on. Since then, the star has diverted her career from social work to pharmaceutical sales. She is currently based in Tennessee with her husband, Todd, and their two dogs.

John Raymond Now Prefers to Keep His Life Under Wraps

The Louisana-based pastor became the first to be evicted from the show following a lack of ability to get on the same page as his teammates. In 2022, Reverend John Raymond was arrested for allegedly using packing tape to tape the mouth shut of three students. The students were allegedly sent back to class and had to sit with tape wrapped around their heads for around 45 minutes. Following this accusation, the ‘Survivor’ alum has decided to keep his life under wraps.

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