Susan Farmer: Where is My 600-lb Life Star Now?

Image Credit: TLC/YouTube

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ features the inspirational testimonies of various chronically obese people who seek assistance to lead healthier lifestyles. The people usually weigh around 600 pounds since they have sedentary lives and rely significantly on food. They seek supervision from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a.k.a. Dr. Now, who offers patients a customized diet and exercise routine to aid in weight loss. The patients can get weight-loss surgery after it gets approved by the doctor.

Since its 2012 premiere, the reality show has portrayed the experiences of many cast members, each of whom has a unique personality and historical background. One such cast member who underwent a surprising experience in season 3 episode 2 left fans wondering where she is today was Susan Farmer. If you’re eager to know about the same, here’s what we found out!

Susan Farmer’s My 600-lb Life Journey

Susan Farmer was a 607 weighing 37-year-old from Eddy, Texas, who was living a miserable life because of her weight. Dependent on her mother, Susan rarely went out, only to get groceries, mainly because she went out of breath every few seconds when she started walking. Although she kept herself clean by bathing regularly, she did not like the process because she hated looking at herself and her body. There was excessive fatty skin hanging around her stomach and abdomen which made it even more painful to walk and survive on her own.

Like many cast members of the show, Susan had a troubled childhood because of her alcoholic and abusive father. Since the time she was around 4 or 5, her parents began fighting and when her father came home drunk, it was either she or her mother who got hit. It had become a usual scenario in her household, which pushed her to seek comfort and safety in food. As per Susan, during one such fight, her father reached for his rifle, intending to shoot them but instead walked out and left the family for good. Thus, her mother filed for divorce and kept consoling Susan with food.

Because of her dependency on her mother, Susan was frequently seen to throw tantrums, whether it was at a fast-food worker while in a McDonald’s drive-through or with her mother and sister in the doctor’s chamber. She also felt embarrassed and started panicking when she couldn’t get an electric cart at the grocery store. Moreover, her lymphedema, which swelled around her lower stomach, also made her frustrated, having to feel like her body was being dragged down while walking. Thus, she went to Houston with her family and met Dr. Now to get professional help.

Susan Farmer is Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Today

Susan made incredible progress in her weight loss journey during her time on the show. Dr. Now had asked her to lose at least 100 pounds by her next appointment in order to receive the approval for weight loss surgery. Susan realized the opportunity she had with her and made a serious commitment to the doctor’s program, sticking to the entire diet and exercise plan she was assigned. Thus, after four months of dieting, Susan lost even more weight than she was asked by Dr. Now and steered clear of any junk food cravings.

Susan was hence approved for gastric bypass surgery and also underwent lymphedema surgery to remove it from her lower stomach. Although she had a successful surgery, she was later diagnosed with neuropathy, a nerve condition where the nerves were damaged from holding her excess weight for too long. This made walking difficult for her while also numbing any sensation in her legs. However, Susan was determined and persevered through the pain, went to physical therapy for months, and recovered from the condition to a great extent.

By the end of her episode, she was down by 267 pounds and weighed in at 340 pounds. Susan also appeared in the follow-up ‘Where Are They Now?’ episode two years later and revealed that she stuck with the weight loss diet even after her first appearance. Thus, she managed to lose almost 407 pounds by then and weighed 200 pounds, meaning she successfully shed over two-thirds of her peak body weight. During her appearance, she also got a 50-pound skin removal process and could confidently exercise in swimming pools with the help of her incredibly supportive friends.

She was also excited to try on a pair of jeans, saying, “It seems silly, but I just want to wear a pair of jeans, just like any normal person. I haven’t worn jeans since I was in high school. … It may just be a pair of jeans, but it represents a whole new life for me.” Although Susan hasn’t updated much about her weight loss in recent years, her earlier pictures suggest that she made it quite close to her weight loss goal and was last known to work as a caseworker at EMSI in Eddy, Texas. Thus, we only wish her a happier and healthier life in the future.

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