Suspicion Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

After the kidnappers’ mysterious ransom demand in the second episode, the third episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion’ centers around Vanessa and Anderson’s attempts to find leads to move the investigation forward. Their patience and intelligence pave the way for the investigators to the truth behind the money Natalie possesses. The episode also follows the rest of the accused, detailing the challenges they face in their personal lives following the accusations. As the episode ends with new developments in the Leo Newman kidnapping case, we have taken a closer look at the same. Let’s dive in after a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Suspicion Episode 3 Recap

The third episode, titled ‘Strangers,’ begins with the aftermath of the kidnappers’ ambiguous ransom demand. The authorities conduct a press conference to request the public to contact them in case anyone comes to know any information that can be helpful to the investigation. An official also adds that contact has been established with the kidnappers for clarity regarding the ransom demand. Katherine and the FBI doubt that the truth is connected to the businesswoman’s recent appointment as the ambassador to the UK. Meanwhile, Aadesh goes to his wife’s family and assures them that there isn’t anything to worry about. To calm his in-laws, he joins their carpet business.

Sean continues to text Natalie and asks her to wait for his instructions. Natalie gets home and searches for her money bag. Monique confronts her sister and demands the truth from her for the money bag in return. Natalie tells Monique that the money is supposed to be given to a client she stole money from. She also adds to her sister that she doesn’t know anything about the person she is in touch with or the kidnapping that happened in New York. Tara goes to her class, only to get confronted with her superior, who asks her assurance that the institution will not be dragged to the case.

News reports regarding Tara’s arrest get published online, involving the name of her college, which paves the way for her suspension. She also meets her daughter and assures her that she hasn’t done anything for her daughter to be ashamed of. Natalie goes to her former company and accesses the computer files. As she leaves the company, she gets rearrested. Monique establishes contact with Sean to return the money. However, she gets arrested right before she could hand over the money and phone to Sean.

Suspicion Episode 3 Ending: Why is Natalie Rearrested? Why Did Natalie Steal the Money?

Natalie stole the money for her sister’s education in New York. When Monique got the opportunity to study in the United States, Natalie took the responsibility of paying for the education as Mon’s elder sister. Since Natalie and her mother couldn’t afford such an opportunity with their income, she decided to steal money from her client’s accounts while doing the taxes. She stole four hundred grand from the client so that she can look after her sister while she studied in New York. As a proud sister, Natalie couldn’t see her sister missing such a chance and she stole the money upon justifying her actions herself.

When Nemus, Natalie’s client, found out about the missing money, they demanded double the money Natalie took from their account back. They also instructed her to do so by shifting it from other accounts she worked on. To complete the transactions, Natalie goes to her former company. As she completes the transactions, Vanessa and Anderson find out that she is committing financial fraud through surveillance. Since Natalie’s actions match their own investigation about her shell company, they conclude that she has embezzled money from Nemus Group, whose major stakeholder is Cooper Newman PR, Leo’s mother Katherine’s company.

Natalie is rearrested due to her suspicious connection with Leo’s company. Since Nemus demanded double the amount she stole, it is evident that Natalie is not in a position to pay back to avoid legal complications, which can even jeopardize her relationship with Joe. Vanessa and Anderson may be theorizing that Natalie kidnapped Leo to settle the debt and avoid any sort of legal issues. Since the connection between Leo’s company and Natalie is established, the investigators rearrest her to investigate Natalie’s possible connection with the kidnap as well. Natalie is also held in custody as a gateway to capture Sean, who is in regular contact with her.

Who is Eddie Walker? Is Eddie Walker a Kidnapper?

Eddie Walker is a college student, who was present in and around Park Madison Hotel on the day of Leo Newman’s kidnapping. Walker hired a cab from the airport and used his credit card in a bar near the hotel hours before the crime. Moreover, he is a student at the University of Oxford, the same institution where Tara teaches. The circumstances of Walker’s presence during the time and date of the kidnapping lead the authorities to believe that he is involved in the crime someway. The university he studies in further makes him suspicious since Tara is in the same institution.

The first thing Walker asks the officers who arrest him is whether his arrest is related to Leo’s kidnapping, which indicates that he may be involved in the crime in one way or the other. However, his whereabouts on the day of the crime don’t make him a kidnapper. The parallels between Tara and him can be coincidental. Since the authorities are in a rush to produce a lead to protect Leo, they may be acting hastily by arresting Walker. Since Aadesh, Natalie, and Tara’s arrests are made without any strong evidence, Walker’s maybe just the same.

Walker’s inquiry about Leo can be due to reasons other than his possible involvement. As two Oxford students, they might know each other and Walker may be expecting the officials to question him over just a possible acquaintance.

Will Aadesh and Sonia Stay Together?

Aadesh’s arrest and the accusation he faces change the dynamics of his personal life drastically. As an irresponsible-yet-ambitious husband, he has given enough reasons for Sonia, his wife, to worry. Aadesh’s arrest and the frenzy that follows tests Sonia’s patience severely. When Aadesh’s popularity disrupts her family’s peace and business, Sonia finally realizes that she cannot tolerate her husband all the time.

When Aadesh proposes to move away for a while to escape from the frenzy around him, Sonia makes it clear that she isn’t coming with him. The loss of her family’s support and Aadesh’s directionless life succeed in troubling her marriage extremely, creating second thoughts in her about supporting her husband during such a tough phase. If the ruckus caused by Aadesh’s arrest doesn’t stop interrupting her and her family’s livelihood, the condition of Aadesh’s life with Sonia may worsen, which may even lead to their separation.

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