Suspicion Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

After Eddie Walker’s arrest in the third episode, the fourth episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion’ begins with the University of Oxford student’s interrogation. Vanessa’s best efforts to find a lead from Walker do not yield any result. Through Natalie, the investigators locate Sean Tilson but their attempt to capture him ends with another startling turnaround. As Katherine attempts to “tell the truth,” the kidnappers make sure that the mother is far from the truth they want to hear. Inspired by the astounding turn of events that unravels at the end of the episode, we have taken a detailed look at the ending. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Suspicion Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘The Devil You Know,’ begins with Vanessa interrogating Eddie Walker. When Vanessa asks why he asked about Leo to the officers who arrested him, Walker replies that he assumed that the police will come to him since he was present near Leo’s hotel on the day of the kidnapping. When she reaches a dead end in the interrogation due to the lack of leads and evidence, Vanessa releases Walker and starts surveillance on him. Upon leaving the NCA, Walker goes to Aadesh and talks to him.

Vanessa and Anderson use Natalie to arrest Sean Tilson. When Tilson shares the location to exchange the cash, the NCA takes enough measures to capture him. However, Tilson changes the location at the last minute. Vanessa accompanies Natalie to the new location. Tilson arrives on a bike and shoots Natalie upon receiving the fake package from her. Natalie’s bulletproof vest saves her from death. The authorities chase Tilson but fail to capture him. The international criminal meets a man who pretends to help him. He stabs Tilson but Tilson manages to kill the man to escape.

Tilson’s escape disappoints Katherine Newman. She decides to handle the issue on her own without waiting for the help of the authorities due to their incompetence. She asks one of her accountants, with a maternal appearance, to share a statement from her.

Suspicion Episode 4 Ending: Who is Eric Cresswell? What is the Truth About Eric Cresswell?

When the FBI fails to capture Tilson, Katherine Newman realizes that her son’s safety is in her hands. She also considers the pressure building on her to tell the truth the kidnappers ask as the ransom. Katherine releases a statement that the truth concerns the sale of a property in London, which she sold for raising funds for the President’s fundraiser. The statement reveals that she did not inform the authorities when she came to know that the buyer is connected to the US Treasury’s economic sanctions. However, the kidnappers hack Cooper Newman PR’s screens and media platforms to release a video that demands the truth about Eric Cresswell.

Even though the kidnappers do not reveal who Eric Cresswell really is, Katherine’s rattled reaction to the kidnappers’ demand and Cresswell’s image does indicate that she knows the white-bearded man. Cresswell can be a person from Katherine’s past. As the head of a reputed PR agency, Katherine may have been involved in a dispute or activity that also involved Cresswell. Her or her company’s PR strategies may have done wrong to Cresswell or his family for the kidnappers to take vengeance on her through Leo. As someone who has enough economic, social, and political influence, Katherine may have harmed Cresswell for personal or career gain in her past.

The truth about Cresswell is expected to reveal Katherine’s connection with the man. If Katherine or her company had harmed the man, due to personal reasons or with a PR assignment of Cooper Newman PR, the truth may expose her and her company.

Who Abducts Aadesh, Tara, Natalie, and Walker? Why Does Sean Tilson Save Them?

After getting released, Walker finds Aadesh and shares his suspicion that someone is setting them up. They decide to contact Tara and Natalie so that the four of them can go to the press and share their suspicions and innocence. However, all four of them and Natalie’s sister Monique get abducted by anonymous people. The abductors hold them at gunpoint and demand information about Leo to not kill them. Even though the four of them and Monique say that they do not know anything about the kidnapping, the abductors do not believe them.

As the abductors get ready to kill Aadesh, Tara, Walker, and Natalie, Sean Tilson arrives and kills the abductors. In the ensuing shootout, Monique gets killed but the others escape in Tilson’s car. The abductors can be people arranged by Katherine to find out Leo. When the FBI and NCA’s operation to capture Tilson fails, Katherine may have decided to use her powers to find Leo. She may have arranged for the abductors to abduct all the suspects to retrieve Leo from them. Katherine’s distrust of the authorities may have led her to try such a measure.

The abductors can also be the FBI or NCA, trying to find leads about Leo unofficially. Failing to capture Tilson may have led them to desperate measures to find a breakthrough in the case. The abduction can be an unofficial set up to scare the suspects to retrieve any information concerning the case from them.

Tilson, on the other hand, is possibly saving Aadesh, Tara, Walker, and Natalie for his personal good. Upon the authorities’ operation to capture him, Tilson realizes that he is involved in the case as much as the principal suspects. Since the only way for Tilson to avoid the authorities chasing him is to lead them to the actual kidnappers, he may join hands with others to unravel the real truth behind Leo’s kidnappers. If the real kidnappers are brought to the attention of the authorities, they may stop investing their time and energy to capture Tilson, leaving a gateway for him to escape the UK.

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