Who is Sylvia Corkill?

For a docuseries, Netflix’s ‘Tiger King‘ makes surprisingly less use of accounts from reporters. Instead, it gets most of the information firsthand, from the people involved. That said, one reporter does chip in, and offers her perspectives, especially during Joe Exotic’s trial. This reporter is Sylvia Corkill.

We see that Corkill has clear views about Exotic’s case, and how it should have been handled. In the docuseries, it is indicated that she works at News 9. Curious to find out who this reporter is, and where she is, presently? We have got you covered in that regard.

Who is Sylvia Corkill?

Sylvia Corkill was born on March 16, 1983. She’s 37 years old and hails from Lawton, Oklahoma. Sylvia graduated from Cameron University, majoring in Radio and Television while minoring in Public Relations. While a university student, she was a member of the student government and hosted the campus-wide show ‘This Week in Student Government’.

She’s spent 10 years at the local TV station KSWO. She worked her way up to become an evening television anchor. While enjoying anchoring, Corkill also seems to love digging into a good story. While she was at Lawton, she’s worked closely with law enforcement with a focus on crimes and trials. According to her bio, “She has accompanied multiple local and state agencies on drug busts and raids. From start to finish she covered a trial that spanned three years and gained national publicity after the FBI launched a 12 state manhunt.”

She’s also served on the board of Lawton Crime Stoppers over five years, helping with events that support the fight against drugs. Corkill is protective of her personal life, so all we know is from the bio, which states she likes spending time with her family, fiance, and Trip, her bull terrier.

Where is Sylvia Corkill Now?

Sylvia joined News 9 in October 2016. While Corkill’s LinkedIn suggests that she’s still a reporter and news anchor at KSWO, her Facebook page and Twitter account all indicate that she’s at News 9. A little known fact about Corkill is that she’s also appeared in films like ‘Skinny Atlas’, ‘Texoma’, ‘Little Rose’, ‘With All The News That’s Fit to Wear’, and ‘Beaches, Buns and Bikinis’. She plays the part of Daisy Chronicle in all these works.

Most recently, Corkill, like most reporters in the world, has shifted her focus to the ongoing Coronavirus problem. Being an Oklahoma reporter, obviously, her coverage is more focused on how Oklahoma is tackling the problem. Thus, her most recent news report has been about the Oklahoma County Clerk, and Court Clerk’s offices continuing operations during this Coronavirus scare. You can check out her coverage here.

Going by her Facebook page, she’s concerned about Coronavirus related deaths in Oklahoma as well. You can check out the post below, where she’s shared the news of the first man who’s passed away due to COVID-19, in Tulsa.

It is evident that Corkill has managed to create a rather flourishing career for herself. From covering hot topics to appearing in films, she’s done it all. Presently, she’s one of the many people courageously reporting about the updates on the worrisome Coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing our society.

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