Tad Starsiak on Good Bones: All You Need to Know

Good Bones‘ is an American reality show on HGTV, which sees revitalization specialists turning rundown homes into stunning residences. The mother-daughter duo of Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak take center stage. However, Tad Starsiak enters this exciting dynamic with his kooky energy. With his dedication, perspiration (quite literally), and his apparent chaotic methods, Tad has become a favorite among the viewers. Here’s all you need to know about him.

Where is Tad Starsiak From?

Tad is an American by birth, and we know that he lives in Indianapolis, because the revitalization projects undertaken in the series, are all in that area. As someone who works on making the city better, one house at a time, Tad has a unique appreciation and love for the place. You can check out his post below, where he captures the beauty of the Old Southside in Indianapolis.


Who is in Tad Starsiak’s Family?

Tad, unfortunately, lost his mother at a very young age. However, he grew up closely with Karen, who’s not his blood relative, but is sort of his godmother. Now that they’re working together, Tad gets more time with her, and they’re as close as any two family members. Starsiak spoke about their bond saying, “When I was going through that rough time, every day I woke up and she was there for me. It’s great having her as a teacher and as another mom.” Here’s a picture of Tad and Karen together.


He’s also incredibly close to his sister, Mina. In fact, the latter acknowledges that Tad’s willingness to perspire on the job is what inspires her to put in the extra hard work. Whenever Mina talks about Tad, there’s a note of sisterly appreciation in her voice. Meanwhile, Tad’s post on Mina’s birthday is a perfect encapsulation of their relationship.


While the show does not focus much on Tad’s personal life, we know that he is in a loving relationship. You can check out the lengthy post Tad made on Valentine’s Day, thanking his partner for helping him be a better version of himself.


What Does Tad Starsiak Do?

Tad holds the position of Project Manager at Two Chicks and a Hammer, which is the company behind the renovations we see on ‘Good Bones.’ When he is not managing projects, Tad takes part in demolitions. Actually, he started doing the latter when he was eight years old, hoping to earn some extra money. He kept on doing it through high school and eventually joined the company long before the show put them on the map. After the demo, Tad stuck around to learn the ropes as an assistant project manager.

His demolition day shenanigans make us all laugh. Tad’s been known for roof parkour and wrestling with the crew, smashing windows, throwing clawfoot tubs from an upper floor. He’s an integral member of ‘Good Bones,’ and we cannot wait to see him again. On that note, we will leave you with Tad’s post promoting the series.


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