Take Care of Maya: Where Are The Accused Parents Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Take Care of Maya’ delving into the nightmare to have unfolded for the Kowalskis once their daughter Maya fell ill in 2015, we get a true insight into the sordid side of our medical system. After all, this documentary incorporates not only archival footage but also exclusive interviews to really underscore the way false child abuse allegations can tear apart even the closest families. Amongst those to thus feature here were actually some of the accused parents from the same area as the Kowalskis — so now, if you just wish to learn more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Where is Viviana Graham Now?

It was reportedly in October 2015 when Viviana’s firefighter-paramedic husband Jeremy was accused of harming their four-month-old firstborn Tristan, despite there being no signs of the same. The truth is the toddler they’d conceived following years of trying, several helpful surgeries, plus two rounds of in-vitro fertilization was quite irritable on the 25th before he suddenly began seizing. They hence obviously rushed him to the hospital, unaware of the fact his surprising brain bleed would soon be attributed to his father “shaking” him as a form of abuse, all of which was untrue.

As per Viviana’s own accounts, her spouse was subsequently painted out to be a monster, formally arrested, and basically forced to move out to ensure Tristan could at least be beside his mother. This ostensibly lasted until Jeremy was cleared of the heinous claims owing to a lack of concrete criminal evidence in May 2016, yet it took another six months for the case to be closed for good.

Therefore, today, the special education teacher from Florida is doing her best to advocate for families like hers — those “falsely accused by doctors with a ‘godlike’ complex,” while continuing to send Christmas cards to the Child Abuse Pediatrician who’d turned their life around for the worse. As for Jeremy, from what we can tell, it appears as if he’s still a proud firefighter-paramedic married father, especially as their eldest is doing well these days despite having experienced a “non-traumatic chronic subdural hemorrhage” in 2015.

Where is Ashley Finnegan Now?

Although a native of Tennessee, Ashley was based in Florida in December 2017 when she and her partner got into a terrible argument that resulted in the latter hurling a cell phone at their bed. Yet what George Gluschenko hadn’t realized was the fact their 9-week-old daughter was swaddled among the blankets, so the object ended up directly hitting her forehead to cause a bleed. But alas, because the doctors felt like their narrative wasn’t very consistent with the toddler’s “severe skull fractures and underlying hemorrhages,” they contacted child protective services.

Ashley and George were thus both arrested on the charge of child abuse, only to remain in the Sarasota County jail without bond until prosecutors changed their mind three months later. They actually dropped the indictment against the former while offering her partner a mere 25 days in jail plus probation if he pleaded no contest since evidence implied their story could hold true. In other words, the mother of three was cleared for good in 2018 itself, following which she gladly moved on and has since continued building a life for her family in Englewood as a Walmart Deli Manager.

Where is John Stewart Now?

It was reportedly in December 2015 when a 15-month-old child was hospitalized with severe, almost inexplicable body injuries, just to sadly pass away from the same a short while later. He was actually one of four to an alleged “unfit” mother owing to her “history of substance abuse” Danake Crawford, John’s new girlfriend at the time, which created quite a bit of chaos. That’s because the proud Marine Corps veteran was the one eventually indicted for killing the toddler by repeatedly throwing him against a soft surface, only for it to be contradicted in 2018.

The charges against John were hence dismissed on November 28, 2018, yet he maintains the horrific label of “baby-killer” continues to hang over his head like a dark cloud to this day. “My reputation has been destroyed and there’s nothing that’ll ever recover this…” the now-46-year-old who’d spent over 300 days behind bars once said. “There will always be people who will think ‘that guy is a sick bastard and should be punished.'” Nevertheless, with a Master’s degree in Florida History, it seems like the father of one is presently doing his best to truly move on from the past by focusing on his various different passions.

Where is Carly Bryan Now?

A broken leg, a bruised arm, and brain trauma are what a 2-month-old was suffering from when she was brought to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg on August 20, 2019. Therefore, the examining physician immediately felt as if these injuries were likely a result of physical abuse, driving them to approach their contracted child abuse pediatrician Dr. Sally Smith. Per their reports, the baby had “a textbook high force grad injury to her arm and bruising to the buttock,” plus “additional medical evidence of abusive head trauma indicative of shaken baby syndrome.”

It thus comes as no surprise her parents Carly Bryan and Eric Miller were subsequently arrested for neglect, just for the counts to soon be dismissed despite the fact neither could explain where her wounds came from. Hence, today, from what we can tell, the 28-year-old as well as the 30-year-old are trying their best to move on from the past, all the while re-establishing a stable life for their loving family in Venice, Florida. We say re-establishing because while dealing with the legalities of this entire matter, Carly had lost not just her daughter plus a lot of close friends but also her job and her home.

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