Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 5 Recap: Davon

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The fifth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Tales of the Walking Dead,’ titled ‘Davon,’ follows Davon, a man who gets lost in a mysterious town occupied by a French-speaking community. Chained up with a walker, Davon tries to find out what really happened to him by making sense of the fragments of his memory. As he progresses with the same, a group of people accuses him of murdering their loved ones. To save his own life, Davon sets out to unravel the truth behind the murders. The engrossing episode ends with astounding revelations and unanswered questions. If you wish to dive deep into the same, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 5 Recap

‘Davon’ begins with Davon waking up in the woods while a walker, with whom he is sharing a handcuff. Upon resisting the walker who tries to eat him, he realizes that a group of people is trying to hunt him down. As he fails to remember what really happened to him, the walker starts to talk to him and accuses him of being a murderer. Soon, he connects whatever he remembers to realize that the walker is Amanda, the one who nursed him to health while he was lost in the woods with an injured leg. He remembers the warm relationship he nurtured with Nora, Amanda’s sister.

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Gradually, Davon remembers that he is in Madawaska, a town in the state of Maine. After separating himself from Amanda, he lays her in the house they shared. He starts to walk again, only to get abducted by a group of French-speaking people, including Nora. The group tries to execute him for killing several children but Nora stops the same when he remembers that Garen, Nora’s son, is alive. The group members get polarized concerning stopping the execution and a fight soon ensues between them. Davon escapes from the scene and follows Arnaud, Amanda’s son, only to discover that Garen is under his custody.

Tales of the Walking Dead Episode 5 Ending: Why Did Arnaud Kill the Children?

After following Arnaud and seeing Garen under the former’s custody, Davon realizes that he is the real killer. Arnaud thinks that sometimes, “murder is mercy.” He doesn’t want the children to grow up in a tumultuous world, specifically after the zombie apocalypse, that doesn’t accommodate their innocence and purity. He believes that the children who grow up in such a world will only become wicked. As far as Arnaud is concerned, the world is filled with enough evil to accommodate ones that will grow and add to it. Such a contemptible belief led him to murder the children.

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Arnaud perceives that there aren’t enough resources in their community to nurture the children that would grow to become burdens to their fellow human beings. He started his killing spree with Martin. Even though Amanda came to know about her son’s deeds, she couldn’t stop him. As a mother, she was scared that he will be killed if the truth gets out, which left her no option but silently accepts the murderous ideology that he is doing the children a favor by killing them. Arnaud doesn’t even think that he is a murderer. For him, he is saving the children from their potential downfall personality-wise.

What Does Davon Say in French?

After revealing the truth about Arnaud and the murders, Davon walks away from the group that kills Arnaud by saying “Je verrai,” which translates to “I will see.” When he finds out that one of the community members killed the children, he realizes that the entire community is to blame rather than just Arnaud. Davon understands that their closed-down existence and extreme concern about survival have made them nothing short of barbarians. The fact that the community members crave his death before even trying to discover the truth makes him realize that the people around him have lost their sense of humanity as much as Arnaud, who left children to death.

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These realizations lead Davon to remind the community members that humanity and hope do exist in the world. He asks them to open their minds and see how people help each other and survive together rather than closing down their world to kill each other. However, Davon’s request to “see” doesn’t reach the ears of the community members. They make it clear that they are barbaric by killing Arnaud. Realizing that these people will not change, Davon says that he will “see” himself, indicating his plan to leave the community behind in pursuit of hope and humanity.

Do Davon and Nora End Up Together?

After Amanda had saved Davon from the woods, he met the former’s sister Nora and the two of them started to nurture an endearing bond. After getting better, Davon started to find strawberries for her and they even started to share their time playing piano together. Even though they didn’t affirm their feelings for each other verbally, they were able to realize the other’s love for them. However, Amanda’s death and the children’s murders changed their lives altogether. The misunderstanding that Davon is the murderer of her sister, son, and several other children kills the feelings Nora nurtured for him.

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By the time Nora realizes the truth, Davon decides to leave the community and the people who form the same, including Nora. His proclamation that he is going to “see” can be Davon’s way of letting Nora know that he is parting with her. Since it is Nora that asks for the death of Arnaud first, Davon must have realized that he cannot share his life with someone wishing for the death of a fellow human being, even if the person is a murderer. Thus, we believe that Davon and Nora most likely do not end up together.

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