Team Guard From Siren Survive the Island: Where Are The Members Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Siren: Survive the Island‘ breaking every bound of the survival genre, we get a true insight into the sheer expanse of human nature when it comes to duty, integrity, and respect. After all, it revolves around 24 of South Korea’s most strategically skilled women as they group up by profession to prove their mettle in their respective, usually male-dominated, lines of work. Amongst them was actually Team Guard (aka Team Bodyguard or simply Team Phoenix) — so now, let’s just find out more about them as well as what they have been to these days, shall we?

Leader Lee Su-Ryeon is Thriving as an Actress Now

If we’re being honest, Su-Ryeon is arguably the only cast member in this entire original series who needs no introduction considering the fact she’s currently thriving in South Korea as an actress. The truth is she’d graduated from Yonsei University with a Master’s in International Security around the early 2000s, only to then step into the world of politics as a personal protecting escort.

She actually went on to hold the title of the first-ever female defending chaperone in the Presidential Security Service, yet soon decided to transition into entertainment through modeling and acting. In fact, upon landing a break in the early to mid-2010s, the now-President of Milant went on to star in ‘The Royal Gambker’ (2016), ‘Money’ (2019), plus recently ‘You Make Me Dance’ (2021).

Hwang Su-Hyun Prefers to Stay Away From the Limelight

Although Su-Hyun didn’t shy away from featuring in this Studio Modak production despite the fact it debuted in over 100 countries, it appears as if she prefers to stay away from the limelight these days. We confidently state this because there seems to be no online presence of her, which is obviously a bit strange in today’s day and age, where cameras and social media are essentially everything. Though it’s possible she merely has a high-profile client at the moment, for whom she’d have to maintain her distance from anything that could potentially, even inadvertently, cause a leak or threat.

Lee Eun-Jin is Living a Private Life Today

From what we can tell, even Eun-Jin has been keeping away from the public eye like Su-Hyun right now, meaning we unfortunately don’t know much regarding her present whereabouts either. However, we should mention she truly enjoys her career no matter how difficult it can sometimes be because she gets to experience new things, new people, and new situations each passing day. She actually made this much evident in ‘Siren: Survive the Island’ itself while asserting she has “sat across from a serial killer who was under trial. I stared into their eyes to let them know that I’m stronger than them.”

Lee Ji-Hyun is Thriving Today

Bodyguard Ji-Hyun has ostensibly had her fair share of ups and downs over the years, yet it looks like she’s doing quite well for herself both personally as well as professionally at the moment. She hasn’t shared any particular details as of writing, but her social media platforms do suggest the Gyeongsan native is currently on a quiet journey of self-improvement through various means. Whether it be working out, traveling as much as possible, enjoying good food in great company, or continuing work to the best of her abilities, she’s doing it all to keep up her positive outlook on life.

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