Tex Mex Motors: Where Are They Now?

Netflix’s ‘Tex Mex Motors‘ is a reality show that follows various experts from the field of car restoration. Together, the group tried a unique business model of transforming cars from Mexico, but things are not always straightforward, and there many obstacles that a person must overcome before a new venture can be considered fully established. If you are also one of the show’s fans and are curious about where your favorites are these days, worry not because we have your back!

Where is Mike Coy Now?

Starting with the man in charge, we are excited to talk about what Mike Coy is up to these days. The automobile painter is no stranger to television and has appeared in multiple episodes of Discovery’s ‘Fast N Loud’ in the past. While his love for cars is immense, he is also quite a fan of competitive motorcycle racing, having recently attended the Grand Prix motorcycle racing event in Austin, Texas, held in April 2023. When not working hard, Mike spends time with Nacho, the shop dog of the group of six seen in the Netflix show.

Where is Scooter Wreyton Now?

Scooter Wreyon has continued to work as a car scout and often posts pictures of his finding on social media to share with his fans. The only other things frequently seen on his social media are the various dogs he meets in his line of work. When not out looking for classic automobile gems, Scooter likes to spend time with his wife, a dentist. He also seems fond of the gym and often posts videos of his workout sessions.

Where is Rob “Rabbit” Pitts Now?

Let’s move on to the group’s Sales Guru, Rob “Rabbit” Pitts, whose skills in finding and selling collectible cars helped the team reach their profit target immensely. The man is popular for his expertise on the Internet and has a YouTube channel of over 125 thousand subscribers. His Instagram also has more than 40 thousand followers. Rabbit likes to maximize his car-selling potential through his social media channels and is always happy to talk about cars with his fans.

Where is Wesley Zachary Now?

As of writing, Wesley Zachary seems to be thriving both personally and professionally. The reality TV star owns Zachary Customs and is well respected for his skills as a fabricator. He is also a proud father to three daughters and a son and loves to spend time with them. Wesley’s second oldest daughter, Layla, is in her senior year of high school, while his youngest graduated from pre-kindergarten in May 2023. The happily married man is also quite good with the guitar, a skill he has in common with his son.

Where is Jaime Hjelm Now?

Based in South Elgin, Illinois, Jamie has moved back to her home state and has her own car repair shop, Wicked Wrench Co. The electrical expert also offers classes to those interested in the inner workings of an engine. Those interested can avail of her lessons via the Internet as well. Over the years, Jaime has won many competitions for her skills and continues to be one of the best when dealing with whatever might be under the hood of a car.

Where is Jenicio Adame Now?

Seen in the Netflix series as a rookie, Jenicio Adame has undoubtedly come a long way from his days in the Netflix show and is the proud owner of a body shop. His love for cars and everything related to them is as prominent as ever, and the father of a young little boy hopes to have his own internet fanbase someday, not unlike Rabbit. Like many of his co-stars, Jenicio shares pictures of his current projects on social media.

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