The Amazing Race Season 10: Where Are They Now?

Created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, ‘The Amazing Race’ is a reality show by CBS that premiered in 2001. Over the years, the show has enthralled the viewers with its unique concept as the participants travel across the world to win this one-of-a-kind race in teams of two. The tenth season of this entertaining game show was released in 2006 and featured 12 different duos, who all left their own impression on the public. If you are curious about what they are doing these days, we have your back!

Where Are Tyler Denk and James Branaman Now?

Models Tyler Denk and James Branaman performed quite proficiently throughout the game, which helped them take home the grand prize. The former briefly appeared in ‘CSI: Miami’ while the latter has worked in the art department of many films over the years. As of writing, Tyler is based in Los Angeles, California, and prefers to keep the details of his personal life private. On the other hand, James has taken up photography as a career and is well-praised for his work. He is also quite happily married to Elaina Bellis and is a proud father of two beautiful daughters.

Where Are Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla Now?

Runner-ups Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla certainly gained many fans thanks to their spectacular performances. However, sometime after the show, the two broke up and moved on in their respective romantic lives. Rob is happily married to Leigh Lustig, having tied the knot in 2015, while Kimberly got married to Gregg Kaufman in June 2009, took his last name as her own, and is a mother to three children. As of writing, Rob is a part of the real estate world as a Custom Home Builder and Designer with a business named after himself.

Where Are Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris Now?

Up next, we have Lyn Turk and Karlyn Harris, who participated in the show as single mothers and friends. While the series was still airing, Lyn’s home was reportedly burglarized, with most of her possessions having been stolen by the perpetrators. She also got remarried to her first husband sometime in 2008. Now based in Tampa, Florida, Lyn works as an Associate Director of Individual Philanthropy at Pinellas Education Foundation. Meanwhile, Karlyn still lives in Helena, Alabama, and is now a Senior Business Analyst for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

Where Are Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier Now?

Beauty Queens Dustin Konzelman and Kandice Pelletier certainly made a name for themselves following their appearance in season 10 of the CBS series. The pair came back for the eleventh installment of the show, AKA ‘The Amazing Race: All-Stars,’ bagging the second position. On July 30, 2006, Dustin got married to Luke Seltzer and took his last name. However, the marriage ended in divorce. The reality TV star married Curtis Fowler in August 2017 and now goes by the name Dustin-Leigh Fowler.

Dustin now works as a Clinical Psychologist under the banner of Confident Kiddo. She is herself a mother to three children, Ellie, Juniper, and Rowan. Meanwhile, Kandice is the proud owner of Kandice Pelletier Swimwear as well as Tutu School UES. She married Jim Halpin Jr in 2018 and gave birth to her daughter Collete Elizabeth Halpin on November 5, 2022.

Where Are Erwin and Godwin Cho Now?

Erwin and Godwin Cho came on the show as brothers and good friends, ready to show the world what they could do. As of writing, Godwin works as a Senior Data and Technology Consultant for Brightside Solutions, having held the position since January 2015. Though he is based in San Francisco, Godwin’s company is situated in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Erwin is the Chief Consumer Officer for Presbyterian Healthcare Services. Both brothers seemingly prefer to keep the details of their personal lives private.

Where Are David Conley Jr and Mary Conley Now?

Following their time in season 10, David Conley Jr and his wife, Mary Conley, returned to participate in season 11 of the series, commonly known as ‘The Amazing Race: All-Stars.’ Following their reality television debut, Rosie O’Donnell gave the couple a house after inviting them to ‘The View.’ However, the two have since separated, and David now lives in Vancouver, Washington. He seemingly got engaged to Jennifer Sprain on February 15, 2019, though David declared in a May 2023 post that he was single. As for Mary, the reality TV star used to work as a Manager at Family Dollar until March 2022.

Where Are Peter Harsch and Sarah Reinertsen Now?

Seen in the CBS show as a new couple, Peter Harsch and Sarah Reinertsen certainly left an impact on the viewers, with the latter being the first-ever participant in the franchise who used an artificial limb. However, the two separated after the show, with Sarah claiming that they were never dating, to begin with, and their narrative of their friendship was apparently changed for an “interesting storyline.” As of writing, Peter is happily married to Lauren McVey and has three children. He is also the Founder and President of Peter Harsch Prosthetics, a company established in October 2012. Meanwhile, Paralympic triathlete and former track athlete Sarah now works as a Motivational Speaker and is affiliated with Nike.

Where Are Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino Now?

Up next, we have Thomas “Tom” Rock and Terrance “Terry” Cosentino, whose sweet romantic dynamic helped them win many hearts. As of writing, Tom works at Teachers College in Columbia University as an Adjunct Associate Professor, as well as Chief Student Affairs Officer and Associate Vice President. On the other hand, Terry left his post as the Director Of Enterprise Events at TIBCO in September 2022.

In December 2013, the couple got engaged via an elaborate ceremony where Terry decided to recreate a ‘The Amazing Race’ experience for Tom. This led the latter to travel across New York in order to complete various tasks. The cherry on the top was a video message from Phil Keoghan, who asked him to go to the rooftop of their apartment building. Expecting a Christmas present, Tom rushed up only to find the truth and tearfully agreed to marry his partner. The couple ultimately tied the knot on November 12, 2016.

Where Are Duke and Lauren Marcoccio Now?

Father and daughter, Duke and Lauren Marcoccio, came on the CBS series to hopefully repair the rift in their relationship that had been created after Lauren came out. As of writing, Duke lives in Narragansett, Rhode Island, and is the Owner of My Little Town Collectibles. Meanwhile, Lauren, who has added Ferrari to her name, is the CEO and Speech Language Pathologist for Wee Talk Inc/Wee Talk Tracker Pro. Based in Los Angeles, California, she is happily married to Dominique Ferrari, and they are parents of two children.

Where Are Kellie Patterson and Jamie Hill Now?

Best friends and cheerleaders Kellie Patterson (now Kellie Smith) and Jamie Hill (now Jamie Hill Fuller) may have had a brief journey on the show, but their team spirit certainly impressed many. Since then, Kellie has gotten married and is a proud mother of two. In 2013, she joined KMGH as a Morning Anchor while living in Denver, Colorado. In Match 2016, she launched a 90-day challenge to lose postpartum weight and invited her viewers to be a part of her journey. Meanwhile, Jamie prefers to keep her life’s details private but is delighted to be a mother to Scout, Tallulah, and Ford.

Where Are Vipul and Arti Patel Now?

Let’s now talk about Vipul and Arti Patel, the first Indian-American team to be a part of the show. Despite their brief appearance in the competition, the two did find themselves some fans due to their performance. Based in Windermere, Florida, the two are still quite happily married and are proud parents of two. Vipul is seemingly still a part of the business and sales world. Meanwhile, Arti is a Nutritional Educator who has previously worked for Advanced Park Dental.

Where Are Bilal Abdul-Mani and Sa’eed Rudolph Now?

Despite their short time on the CBS show, Bilal Abdul-Mani and Sa’eed Rudolph’s friendship helped them earn a lace in CBS’ “National Best Friends Day” gallery in 2015. Affiliated with Veterans Affairs Hospital, Bilal made news in April 2016 after he decided to send a friend to his home to teach his two boys about not letting strangers in the house. The lesson backfired when his kids escaped to their neighbor’s home and called the police.

While the authorities referred the case to the city prosecutor for possible child endangerment charges, Bilal remained firm about his reasons behind the “test,” though he did admit that execution was not what he had imagined. The single father also has a YouTube channel where he posts a variety of videos.

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