The Ark Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a science-fiction drama series set in space. It follows the crew of Ark One, a spacecraft traveling to a distant planet with hopes of colonizing it. However, when the ship meets an unexpected obstacle, the crew is forced to take charge and face several hurdles in accomplishing their mission. In the second episode, titled ‘Like It Touched the Sun,’ Lane and Garnet lock heads over the ship’s leadership while Felix searches for the killer among the crew. However, the crew’s survival quickly takes priority amidst another crisis situation. If you are wondering whether the Ark One crew survives the events of ‘The Ark’ episode 2, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Episode 2 Recap

The second episode, titled ‘Like It Touched the Sun,’ opens with Lt. Spencer Lane and Lt. James Brice surveying the damage caused by Ark One’s collision with the mysterious object that led the crew to awaken from their cryosleep. During the survey, incoming debris knocks out Lane while one of their partners is hurled into the oblivion of space. Brice brings Lane back to the deck, but the other crew member is presumed dead. Consequently, Lane and Brice fail to deduce the cause of the accident, and Brice laments the loss of their partner.

Dr. Kabir tends to Lane’s injuries and reveals he has suffered a concussion. However, lane refuses to rest and return to duty. However, Kabir is irked by Alicia’s constant queries and loses her temper, encouraging Lane to advise Kabir about taking a rest. Since Kabir is the only doctor available on the ship, she is forced to solder on despite not having slept in three days. Later, Baylor meets Alicia and reveals he has inherited her former position of waste management expert. As a result, Alicia gives Baylor some pointers about his new job.

Elsewhere, a funeral is held for those deceased in the ship’s oxygen crisis. Eva Markovic’s boyfriend, Harris, died in the crisis, and she is overcome with grief. The council argues over whether the bodies of the deceased should be mined for natural resources. Although Lane denies it, Lt. Sharon Garnet holds a vote. The council votes in favor of using the bodies and Angus is given permission to use them for fertilizer. Lane is dismayed with Garnet’s control over the council and discusses the same with Brice. Lane reminds Brice that Garnet did not train with them.

A flashback sequence set three days before the launch of Ark One introduces us to Commander Susan Ingram and William Trust, who designed the ship. After Ingram and Trust address the crew of Ark One, Garnet is added to the crew as a last-minute entry on orders of the higher authorities. In the present, Brice agrees with Lane about Garnet’s mysterious background. Meanwhile, Felix catches Garnet tampering with the logs of the storage compartment where the imposter of Jasper Dades was killed. Garnet claims that the logs were wiped off before her arrival, and only four people, including herself, Brice, Eva, and Lane, have the authority to access the logs.

While Felix continues his investigation, the water pipe in Angus’ makeshift farm explodes, causing a water crisis on the ship. The ship’s crew starts losing their temper due to a lack of rest, food, and water. Elsewhere, Eva is depressed after Harris’ death, but Garnet needs her help to fix the water system. Therefore, she seeks the help of Cat Brandice, who convinces Eva to set aside her grief and attend to the task at hand. Angus discovers a hunting knife in the wet soil and deduces that it caused the pipe to explode. He theorizes that the blade was used to kill the imposter, Malcolm Perry, and hands it over to Felix.

In the canteen, Angus and Felix discuss the forensic signs on the knife but are interrupted by crew members angry at Angus for causing the water wastage. However, when they attack Angus, Felix intervenes, and a fight ensues. Garnet stops the fight and deduces that the crew members need help. Thus, she assigns Cat to be the ship’s therapist, which the latter reluctantly agrees to. Meanwhile, Lane and Brice decide to continue their survey, going behind Garnet’s back. However, while outside the ship, Brice discovers a diamond-like object stuck in the debris that causes frostbite.

The Ark Episode 2 Ending: Does Eva Fix the Water System?

In the episode, Eva deals with the grief of losing her partner. However, she must use her expertise to save the crew from the water crisis. As a result, Eva gets to work and completely dedicates herself to fixing the issue. The water crisis profoundly affects the crew’s morale, and garnet is forced to find inventive solutions until Eva can fix the water system and recover the lost water. In the end, Eva solves the crisis and succeeds in fixing the water system. However, the water recycling system only works at 62% accuracy, meaning the ship now has even less water than the crew had anticipated.

Meanwhile, Felix suspects Lane of being the killer after the latter mentions the murder weapon, a fact he is supposed to be unaware of. However, the crew must confront another problem before Felix can take action against Lane. The ship shuts down as Eva reveals she Eva shut down the engine coolant system to preserve water. Eva explains that keeping the engine running wasn’t leading them anywhere, and shutting the coolant system provided them with extra water.

The episode’s ending sets up another crisis situation that the crew will have to deal with while solving the murder mystery. Thus, the second episode nicely sets the tone for the dynamics between the crew to get even more complex and their fight for survival harder. The lingering mystery about Malcolm Perry’s death will likely have to take a backseat as garnet, Lane, and Brice will be forced to scramble for a solution to fast-track their journey and reach Proxima B before they run out of essential supplies.

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