What Is Ark One? What is Proxima B in The Ark? Explained

Syfy’s ‘Ark One’ is a science-fiction series that follows a spaceship crew traveling in outer space when they face a mysterious breach that jeopardizes their mission. It is created by Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner and takes place in an era where humans are planning to colonize distant planets. Ark One’s connection to Proxima B is likely to play an important role in the narrative. Therefore, viewers must be looking for more details about Ark One and Proxima B. In that case, allow us to explain what Ark One and Proxima B mean in ‘Ark One.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ark One: Spacecraft for Interstellar Colonization Mission

Ark One (stylized as Ark 1) is the primary setting of the sci-fi series ‘The Ark.’ The series takes place on the titular deep space research spacecraft. The spacecraft is carrying a large crew to a distant planet to colonize it. Ark One’s crew includes some of the best scientists, architects, engineers, and doctors, which will help establish the colony. However, the spacecraft is struck with tragedy when an unknown breach causes its crew to wake up from cryo sleep ahead of schedule. During the breach, Ark One’s cryo bay is destroyed along with its storage compartment. As a result, most of the high-ranking officials supposed to lead the colonization were killed.

Moreover, the crew also loses its food supplies meant to last for a year after they arrive on their destination planet. Therefore, Lt. Sharon Garnet, Lt. James Brice, and Lt. Spencer Lane are the highest-ranking officers left alive and are forced to take charge. The breach serves as the inciting incident that not only introduces viewers to the crew of Ark One but also establishes the spacecraft as a challenging setting for the characters to navigate. The same is evident when the crew must deal with a malfunction causing the ship’s oxygen levels to deplete. Hence, the show explores the threats and challenges of deep space travel through the story of the Ark One crew members.

Deep Space Colony: Destination Proxima B

In ‘The Ark,’ viewers learn that the earth is slowly dying and humanity has limited time and resources to find a new home. Therefore, humans are sent into deep space to colonize distant planets with the hopes of serving as humanity’s new home. Proxima B is revealed as the destination of the spacecraft Ark One. Later, when Garnet interrogates Malcolm Perry, an imposter who sneaks onto the ship, viewers learn that Proxima B is the planet with the highest probability of supporting human life.

Ark One is the first spaceship to be traveling to Proxima B, implying that its crew has the best chance of surviving the desolation of the earth. However, we are yet to learn further details about the distant planet and its atmosphere. Therefore, it is unclear in which galaxy the planet is located and how far it is from the earth. However, it is stated that the crew is on a five-year journey to Proxima B. Ultimately, Proxima B holds the potential to provide sanctuary to humanity as the impending end of the earth comes close. Therefore, whether the Ark One crew succeeds in reaching the planet forms the high-octane and thrilling premise of the show.

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