The Ark Episode 6 Recap: Two by Two

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a science-fiction drama series created by Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner. It follows the crew of Ark One, a deep space exploration spacecraft heading to colonize a distant planet. As we move past the first season’s halfway point, the character dynamics get increasingly complex, and several new secrets are revealed in the sixth episode. The episode, titled ‘Two by Two,’ follows the Ark One’s crew as they deal with a fuel crisis. Meanwhile, Brice’s health deteriorates, and the crew makes an unsettling discovery in space. If you are looking for an explanation about the episode’s shocking ending, here is everything you need to know about ‘The Ark’ episode 6! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode, titled ‘Two by Two,’ opens with Lt. Sharon Garnet taking updates about her crew from the council members. After Dr. Kabir and Felix reassure Garnet that the situation is under control in the med bay, Eva informs everyone that the shuttle has been repaired. However, Ark One does not have enough fuel to reach its destination, Proxima B. As a result, they must find a solution to their fuel crisis, or the crew could end up dead in space. There is some silver lining in the form of Angus’ bio farm that produces its first harvest and serves food to the crew members.

After Brice finishes his meal, he falls unconscious outside the mess. Brice wakes up in his bunker and is puzzled about the events after he leaves the mess. Meanwhile, Garnet and Lane have found a steady balance in their leadership of Ark One and celebrate with a glass of whisky. Garnet and Lane agree not to keep any more secrets. However, Lane keeps William Trust’s presence on the ship a secret from Garnet. Brice discovers a planet rich in Uranium 238 en route to Proxima B. As a result, Garnet tasks Brice and Eva to find a strategy to harness Uranium 238 from the nearby planet.

Eva reveals that she found Brice unconscious outside the mess and questions him about his health. However, Brice refuses to give a definitive answer. Eva agrees to keep Brice’s health concern a secret while they formulate a strategy. Elsewhere, Lane meets Cat for his last scheduled therapy session. However, Lane wants to extend the therapy sessions and confides in Cat about William Trust’s presence on the ship. However, she asks Lane to keep this information a secret as several crew members have expressed a desire to kill Trust during their therapy sessions.

Lane returns to the hidden room holding Trust and his wife Helena’s cryo pods. He watches an interview of the couple wherein Trust denies allegations about his Arks’ incompetency and agrees to remain behind on earth to help perfect the faster-than-light speed travel engines. Later, lane discovers another secret compartment on the ship housing DNA samples of various animals to ensure their survival on Proxima B. Brice and Eva present their plan to extract Uranium 238 and get the approval of Lane and Garnet.

Felix hides Kabir’s pills in the med bay to help her deal with her substance reliance. However, Kabir soon starts showing symptoms of withdrawal. While executing their plan, Ark One is caught up in a solar flare released by a star they are trying to circumnavigate. The flare damages one of the ship’s solar flares. Garnet volunteers to fix the sail manually, as her clone DNA will protect her from the extreme radiation caused by the solar flare. While Garnet fixes the sail, she falls unconscious after returning to the ship due to overexposure to radiation.

The power from the solar sails is enough for Brice and Eva to take the shuttle and survey the nearby planet. However, Angus discovers that his scans indicate the presence of Uranium 238 and the harmful substance they found on the ship’s exterior after an unidentified object hit it. Meanwhile, Eva presses Brice for answers about his health before professing her love for him. Brice reveals he has Klamkins, a cancer-like disease caused by Trust’s launch of harmful chemicals to save the earth’s atmosphere.

The Ark Episode 6 Ending: What Is on the Other Side of the Planet?

In the episode, the crew is desperate to solve their fuel crisis. As a result, Brice and Eva devise a strategy to harness Uranium 238 from a nearby planet. As they head out to the planet on a shuttle, things are complicated by Brice’s health conditions. In the final moments, Garnet recovers from the radiation exposure while Lane commands the operation to obtain Uranium 238. Eva and Brice scour the planet’s surface but detect neither Uranium 238 nor the unidentified substance. Thus, Alicia deduces that Uranium 238 might be present on the planet’s dark side. Brice and Eva make their way to the planet’s other side, only to make the most shocking discovery – another Ark.

The episode ends without giving clear answers about the other Ark’s presence on the distant planet. It seems like this Ark was launched before Ark One. While the other Ark looks like a predecessor of Ark One, its presence on the exact route the Ark One was following is surprising. Ark One was the first and only ship traveling to Proxima B. Therefore, the other Ark’s presence is a game-changing twist. Moreover, whether a crew is present on the other Ark remains unclear. However, given that the ship is indicating the presence of the identified substance, it is likely that Ark One collided with the other Ark, kick-staring the show’s events. Hence, Garnet, Lane, and the others could face their sternest challenge in the coming episodes.

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