Where Was The Banker Filmed?

The Banker’ is an Apple TV+ movie that boasts of a stellar cast and a powerful story of empowerment. The movie presents an engaging, David versus Goliath style tale of two African-American businessmen standing up to a racist system using their own shady means. The film is an adaptation of the true story of Bernard S. Garnett and Joseph Morris who joined forces to buy white houses and banks in Texas. In this manner, the series presents an empowering story with a message of racial inclusivity.

Furthermore, Samuel L. Jackson is a part of this period movie and he certainly needs no introduction. Jackson plays the character of Joe Morris. Sharing screen space with Jackson is Anthony Mackie who plays the character of Bernard Garrett. He is best known for playing Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nicholas Hoult and Nia Long are also a part of the film’s cast.

Where Was The Banker Filmed?

As mentioned earlier, ‘The Banker’ is based on a true story and follows two African-American businessmen in the 1950s. The story is an adaptation of Bernard S. Garnett and Joseph Morris who circumvented racism in Texas, USA. However, the story of ‘The Banker’ takes place in Los Angeles. Hence, many people might be wondering whether ‘The Banker’ was actually shot in Los Angeles or Texas. Since it is a period movie, the filmmakers would have had to authentically depict the setting and its time period.

Atlanta, Georgia

To begin with, ‘The Banker’ was not filmed in Texas despite the actual story which the movie is based on having taken place there. Additionally, it was also not been filmed in Los Angeles where the movie is set. Instead, ‘The Banker’ has been almost entirely filmed in the state of Georgia, mostly in and around Atlanta.

Georgia has been attracting a large number of high-scale productions to the state for filming activities. This is due to the fact that the state has a competitive tax credits program that helps producers cut down on their filming budgets significantly.

A twenty percent tax break is offered to productions that spend more than $500,000 in the state of Georgia. This ensures that the productions that receive tax credits have a notably positive impact on diversifying the local economy. Moreover, an additional 10 percent tax credit is also offered for these productions if a promotional logo is attached to the finished project.

Within Atlanta, filming was carried out on location in a multitude of places. Reports from local sources have provided information regarding a few places where ‘The Banker’ had been filmed.

Firstly, filming for ‘The Banker’ began on October 2, 2018 in Midtown, Atlanta. Midtown is a dense, commercial and residential neighborhood in the city of Atlanta with several picturesque locations. To be more specific, filming was carried out at Ponce De Leon Avenue and West Peachtree Street amongst other places. Filming also took place at the Biltmore hotel and apartment complex on 817 West Peachtree Street albeit at a later date.

Moreover, between October 6, 2018 and October 8, 2018, filming for ‘The Banker’ took place in Newnan. To be more specific, filming was carried out near Dunc’s BBQ kitchen on 98 Jackson Street in Newnan. As Georgians would know, Newnan is another city in Georgia, approximately 38 miles away.

Later, on October 10, 2018 and October 11, 2018, filming took place in Douglasville. The seat of Douglas County, Douglasville is a Georgian city that is 20 miles west of Atlanta. Here, filming took place at the Douglas County Sentinel’s office building on 8501 Bowden Street, Douglasville. The office had been converted into a 1950s bank for filming purposes.

Moreover, filming also took place at Buckhead, a district in Atlanta. On October 15, 2018, filming was carried out on Peachtree Road, Atlanta near The Peach, a shopping mall. Then, on October 21, 2018, filming was undertaken in downtown Atlanta.

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