The Big Door Prize Episode 8 Recap: Izzy

Developed by David West Read from the 2020 novel of the same name by M.O. Walsh, the Apple TV+ series ‘The Big Door Prize’ tells the story of the residents of Deerfield. One day, they discover a mysterious Morpho machine has magically appeared in the local grocery store. In exchange for two dollars, a person’s social security number, and their fingerprints, it reveals their life potential. The narrative particularly focuses on the Hubbard family and how they deal with the appearance of the Morpho machine.

Episode 8 revolves around Izzy (Crystal R. Fox), Deerfield’s mayor and Cass’ mother. It is revealed that she didn’t get the Morpho card she told others she got. Just when the other characters and the audience feel sympathy for her, she turns it around in a vicious speech. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘The Big Door Prize’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Big Door Prize Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins where the previous episode ends. Izzy has walked into Mr. Johnson’s (Patrick Kerr) store with a baseball bat in hand, but Jacob (Sammy Fourlas) is there and stops her before the bat connects with the machine. Izzy immediately becomes defensive, asking Jacob how he can know that she intended to destroy the Morpho machine. Jacob then reveals that he has found out something unusual about the machine. It apparently doesn’t matter what someone enters as their security number or fingerprints; the result that the Morpho machine gives is always the same. Curious, Izzy tries it out herself and discovers that the teenager is right. It is revealed that she didn’t get “Dancer,” as she claimed. Her actual card states, “Ghost.”

Worked up by his daughter’s words, Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) goes to confront Giorgio (Josh Segarra) about his repeated attempts to flirt with Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) and finds the other man sprawled on the floor, unconscious, in his underwear, and without his wig. The anger immediately gives way to pity. When Giorgio wakes up, Dusty volunteers to go with him to retrieve his Rangers’ mask, which Giorgio sold the previous night during Cass’ gala.

Izzy’s behavior suddenly seems to have changed. She takes Cass out to lunch and candidly explains why she moved to Deerfield all those years ago. She claims that she moved to the small town because that is what her then-partner, Martha, wanted, even if that meant she had to give up her dancing career. When she decided to run for the Mayoral position, Martha didn’t like that either. According to Izzy, Cass is just like her, brimming with ambition and meant for a life beyond the borders of Deerfield. Together, they organize a magic show for Mr. Johnson, who got “Magician” in his Morpho card. Izzy fills the auditorium by pointing to the other residents of Deerfield that if Mr. Johnson’s life potential comes true, it means theirs also will.

The Big Door Prize Episode 8 Ending: Why Does Izzy See a White Deer?

After Mr. Johnson’s performance, which largely leaves people still questioning the veracity of their life potential, Izzy takes the stage and once more reminds the town why she is widely disliked. She passive-aggressively attacks everyone — from residents of Deerfield to Martha and her current partner Rose to Cass to Dusty to Jacob. Even her granddaughter isn’t spared. She mentions Jacob has blank cards and how Trina uses them to print whatever she wants to be that day. She casts doubts in people’s minds about how real their Morpho cards are by mentioning that Cass has the tools to moderate them. Her own Morpho card said that her life potential is Ghost. By doing this while stepping down from her position as the mayor, she ensures that she will not be forgotten. It’s both petty and glorious.

As she leaves, a smile plays on her face, having made the point she wanted to make. It is then that she encounters the white deer, silently prowling through the town in the night. Izzy has never thought she particularly belonged in Deerfield, even though she is the town’s mayor. But the appearance of the white deer, which looks like a ghost, gives her a private cherishable moment that she experiences in the town.

What Does Dusty’s Morpho Card Signify?

Dusty’s Morpho card says “Teacher/Whistler,” which he thinks describes who he is. After all, he is a teacher at the local school, and he likes to whistle. However, during Mr. Johnson’s performance, Dusty is called to the stage and is told to remember a peaceful moment in his life. He recalls when he was 20 years old. He was skiing alone on a snowy mountain. He remembers that while hurling downward, he felt both fear and the sheer joy of being alive. He recalls that the town is in British Columbia, Canada, named Whistler.

As the start of the episode demonstrates, the residents don’t know how the Morpho machine works, but as we have seen with Reuben, it has specific phrases to describe various potentials, and apparently, like Cass, Dusty is meant for a life beyond the borders of Deerfield.

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