Kevin Bacon’s The Bondsman Starts Filming in Atlanta in March

The filming of Prime Video’s action horror series ‘The Bondsman,’ starring Kevin Bacon, is set to commence in Atlanta, Georgia, in March. The show revolves around Hub Halloran (Bacon), a rugged bounty hunter from the backwoods whose life takes a dramatic turn when he miraculously returns from the afterlife, only for him to gain an unforeseen second chance at life, love, and a musical career that had nearly faded into oblivion. However, Hub soon realizes that the familiar realm of his former occupation has now undergone a diabolical transformation, adding an unexpected supernatural element to his journey of redemption and rediscovery.

The show was created by Grainger David, who gained recognition for his acclaimed short film ‘The Chair,’ which competed for the Palme d’Or for Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival and earned the Grand Jury Award at SXSW Film Festival. The narrative of the short revolves around a boy’s response to a mysterious outbreak of toxic mold in his small rural town. David’s short film ‘The Edge of the Woods’ explores death and the diverse ways individuals cope with it.

Erik Oleson serves as the showrunner of the show. He is recognized for steering the second and final season of Prime Video’s fantasy series ‘Carnival Row.’ In addition to writing three episodes of ‘The Man in the High Castle,’ he also served as the showrunner of the third season of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil.’ His screenwriting credits include ‘Arrow’ and ‘Crisis.’

The project marks Bacon’s second collaboration with Prime Video, following his titular role in the comedy series ‘I Love Dick,’ which earned him a Golden Globe nomination. His television repertoire includes notable performances in the Showtime series ‘City on a Hill’ and Fox’s ‘The Following.’ The actor’s recent credits include roles in ‘Space Oddity,’ ‘The Toxic Avenger,’ and ‘Leave The World Behind.’ Bacon’s collaboration with Blumhouse extends beyond this series, as he has previously worked with them on films such as ‘They/Them’ and ‘You Should Have Left.’

In addition to David and Erik, the executive producers of the series include Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, and Chris Dickie representing Blumhouse Television, along with Paul Shapiro from CrimeThink. Bacon also serves as an executive producer. Erik’s CrimeThink currently has an ongoing deal with Amazon. Atlanta, the principal location of the series, has previously hosted the shooting of notable productions such as ‘Reptile‘ and ‘The Color Purple.’

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