The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

Reaching its mid-season mark, ‘The Boys’ stirs a lot of trouble for its characters. The scales of power had been tipping up and down for a while, and right now, they seem to have rested in favor of Homelander. All the things that could go wrong do go wrong for our heroes, and for the moment, it looks like the villain is winning. But, there’s still half the season left, and the show has only just begun to unravel its tricks and twists. The ending of this episode leaves us in shock and very, very worried about the Boys and Co. Here, we break down that bumpy episode and what it means for the future of the season.

The Boys Season 3 “Glorious Five Year Plan” Recap

Butcher meets with Nina to find out about the weapon that he believes is somewhere in Russia. A deal is struck between them, which doesn’t leave Frenchie very happy. Meanwhile, Hughie discovers that Butcher has been using V-24. He seems keen on trying it too, especially after the whole Homelander fiasco. Finally, they are directed toward a secret Russian facility, but what they find there is beyond their wildest imagination.

Meanwhile, at Vought, Homelander makes one wise move after another. Sensing that Stan Edgar is up to something to undermine him again, he makes his move beforehand. He blackmails Victoria into turning the tide against Edgar, who is temporarily relieved of his duties from Vought. This leaves Homelander in charge, which makes Annie all the more desperate to get rid of him as soon as possible. She discovers that Maeve is in on the secret weapon thing too, and finds it best to recruit other Supes to their cause. Her first thought is to get Supersonic into the loop. However, revealing the plan to him turns out to be a huge mistake that doesn’t end well for him as well as Annie.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 Ending

The Boys had been aiming for a win when they traveled all the way to Russia to find the weapon that would end their war with Homelander. By the end of the episode, however, they land themselves in a much more precarious situation. Butcher’s hopes for the weapon had emerged from the fact that it had killed Soldier Boy, a seemingly unkillable Supe. However, to his utter dismay, he not only doesn’t find the weapon but also discovers that Soldier Boy isn’t dead after all. So, not only are the Boys back to square on that matter, but they also have another unstable and highly dangerous Supe out and about in the world.

What makes matters worse is that the group has lost the thread that was holding them together. Butcher wanted to keep V-24 a secret from the group because he knew they wouldn’t approve of it. But not only is his secret revealed, but Hughie too uses the serum to get temporary powers. This shakes MM’s confidence in both of them. Further, Kimiko is fatally injured by Soldier Boy’s effort to escape. Frenchie is worried about her and so is MM, but Hughie is high on the effects of V-24 and Butcher is more focused on Soldier Boy. The entire situation leads MM to conclude that they have lost their integrity and there’s no point being together anymore.

While we are yet to see if MM will forsake the group for good, the turbulence doesn’t spell anything good for Annie. She wanted to leave the Seven the moment she realized that Homelander was losing it. But she stayed because of the promise of the secret weapon. But at the end of the episode, Homelander shocks her by showing her the dead body of Supersonic. He tells her that A-Train snitched on them, and Supersonic’s death is a lesson for her to not try for another rebellion. Annie is visibly traumatized by the experience, and the failure of the Boys in procuring the said weapon might worsen her state. On top of that, Hughie on V might make everything impossible for her to handle. What remains to be seen now is how Soldier Boy comes back in the picture and what it’ll mean for the Boys, and more importantly, for Homelander and Vought.

For now, it looks like Homelander has succeeded in subduing all his enemies and is, in fact, in charge. The only person that he feared, or was intimated by, was Stan Edgar. No matter the extent of Homelander’s powers, Edgar always knew how to control him. His words always had the power to put Homelander in his place. But now, he has been bested by the Supe who used Edgar’s secret wildcard against him. Now, he has an upper hand on everyone, including Victoria Neuman, who had previously caused a lot of trouble for Homelander.

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