The Bricklayer: All Filming Locations of the Action Thriller Movie

‘The Bricklayer’, by director Renny Harlin, sees ex-CIA operative Steve Vail, aka the Bricklayer, come out of retirement to save the CIA from an existential threat. Vail is a veteran operative called in by the agency to prevent an extortionist from collapsing its global network. He is sent to Greece along with the first-time field operative, Kate. Their path to the blackmailer, Radek, is one through a complex web of agendas and intrigue.

As the odds are increasingly stacked against them, and the stakes escalate, Vali will rely on his experience and set of construction tools to lay the foundation for protecting the agency’s secrets and national security. The film, based on Paul Lindsay’s novel of the same name, takes us through explosive action sequences in bustling marketplaces, abandoned workshops, nightclubs, and historical sites.

Where Was the Bricklayer Filmed?

True to the narrative, ‘The Bricklayer’ was largely filmed on location in Greece, with some scenes being shot at a studio in Bulgaria. Principal photography began in March 2022, and was wrapped up in roughly three months by May 16, 2022. The cast members seem to have enjoyed filming in Greece, with actress Nina Dobrev posting, “Thank you Greece, thank you to our incredible crew. Getting to live, work, laugh, eat, drink and soak up each moment in this beautiful country has been so special. I’ll never forget these last 3 months. By the end I really felt like a local, I loved my European moment.” Allow us to take you through the specific filming sites seen in the action film.

Thessaloniki, Greece

The port city of Thessaloniki is the filming destination of ‘The Bricklayer,’ and was used to lens a majority of its scenes. The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia, and its metropolitan landscape is home to historic sites of multiple civilizations from the Classical Antiquity era. Filming took place at several sites in and around the city, including the Millennium studio in Thermi. City officials termed their diverse urban center: a live studio, with cameramen spotted in balconies around shooting locations, and ariel drones orbiting their sets.

The vibrant marketplace in the seaside neighborhood of Ladadica became a set for the ‘Bricklayer’ to lens its action sequences, including chase scenes. The location is favored by tourists for its cobbled streets, lively tavernas, and bistros housed in the historical olive market. Another site seen in the movie is the Platia Aristotelous or Aristotelous Square, the main city square of Thessaloniki. The square is one of the most famous places in all of Greece and is emblematic of Thessaloniki itself. The landmark can be spotted in a sequence involving a protest in the film, with Radek assassinating the speaker leading the rally. Interestingly, the location is often used for real-life protests, marches, and cultural events.

The city hall of Thessaloniki was transformed into the CIA headquarters while filming the action flick. Scenes involving the intelligence agency and their re-recruitment of Vail were shot within the modern governmental building. Other filming locations within the city include the bustling Emporio Square in Ladadika and the Byzantine walls of Thessaloniki at Charalampou Mouskou.

The Emporio Square in Ano Ladadika is a popular area close to the city center. It attracts tourists and businesses alike with its cozy cobbled streets teeming with antiquated buildings. The colorful pedestrian neighborhood drew the film crew to shoot thrilling and action-packed sequences within it. The historical Byzantine Walls of Thessaloniki can be spotted in the film during a chase sequence. Vail drifts a car through the Portara (gate) area of the monument. The production company behind ‘The Bricklayer,’ Millennium Media, also shot ‘The Enforcer,’ and ‘Expendables 4’ in the exotic cityscape of Thessaloniki.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Millennium Media’s Nu Boyana Film Studio was used to create some of the action sequences and setpieces for ‘The Bricklayer.’ The studio, located at ul. “Kumata” 84, National Cinema Center, features 10 soundstages and backlots of London, a Middle Eastern street, New York, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and even a large historic set bejeweled with a Roman colosseum. Other prominent movies shot at the studio include, ‘Day of the Dead,’ ‘The Expendables 3,’ ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard,’ ‘Hellboy,’ and ‘Olympus Has Fallen.’

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