The Challenge Season 12: Where Are The Winners Today?

The Challenge’ is a reality television show that is a spin-off of two MTV shows, ‘The Real World’ and ‘Road Rules.’ Ever since it first graced our screens in 1998, the series has been known for its strenuous tasks and extreme challenges that take place in exotic and picturesque locations across the world. Divided into pairs, the contestants have to make use of their strength, wits, and social skills in order to win a grand cash prize.

In particular, season 12 of the show is memorable because it changed the rules and allowed fresh and unknown contestants – not hailing from previous seasons of ‘The Real World’ and/or ‘Road Rules’ – to compete alongside the alumni. Also known as ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’ or ‘Fresh Meat,’ the season, with Myocum, Australia as the backdrop, saw an entertaining range of personalities, with the final three pairs being particularly interesting. If you’re curious about the current whereabouts of the top three teams of ‘The Challenge’ season 12, then we’ve got you covered!

Where Are Weston “Wes” Bergmann and Casey Cooper Now?

Weston “Wes” Bergmann and Casey Cooper ended the twelfth season in third place. Wes is known for winning ‘The Duel’ and ‘Rivals II.’ Additionally, he was a finalist on ‘Fresh Meat’ as well as ‘Rivals,’ ‘Champs vs. Pros,’ ‘Champs vs. Stars 2,’ and ‘War of the Worlds.’ Talk about knowing the game inside out! But wait, that’s not all. Wes also participated in ‘The Ruins,’ ‘Fresh Meat II,’ ‘Battle of the Exes,’ ‘Battle of the Seasons,’ ‘Battle of the Exes II,’ ‘Rivals III,’ ‘Champs vs. Stars,’ ‘War of the Worlds 2,’ ‘Total Madness,’ and ‘Double Agents.’

A native of Leawood, Kansas, Wes was born on November 24, 1984. The Arizona State University alum enjoys gymming and regularly uses Cameo to create personalized video messages and shoutouts for his fans. In fact, in December 2021, he finished his 3000th Cameo video. Wes is happily married to Amanda, a lifestyle blogger.

Born on April 7, 1987, Casey Cooper is from The Woodlands, Texas. Apart from ‘Fresh Meat,’ in which she was a finalist, she was seen in ‘The Duel,’ ‘The Gauntlet III,’ and ‘The Ruins.’ An accountant by profession, Casey enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She married her long-time boyfriend, Kyle Toups, on December 5, 2021, around a month after she revealed that they were expecting their first child together. Fans will be happy to know that Casey is close friends with Tina and often takes to social media to talk about their friendship. In 2021, Casey even joined ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2.’

Where Are Tina Barta and Kenny Santucci Now?

Tina Barta and were the runners-up on ‘The Challenge’ season 12. Tina was the finalist on ‘The Inferno II’ as well as ‘Fresh Meat.’ She has also been a part of other iterations of ‘The Challenge,’ such as ‘The Gauntlet,’ ‘Battle of the Sexes 2,’ and ‘The Duel.’ Born on June 14, 1981, Tina calls Lincoln, Nebraska, her hometown. Appreciated by fans for her no-nonsense personality, she continues to show her support for ‘The Challenge’ on social media. She even featured on ‘MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast’ in November 2021 and joined to participate in ‘ The Challenge: All Stars 2.’ However, Tina quit the show as she claimed it brought out her angry side.

Kenny Santucci is a native of Cedar Grove, New Jersey, but is currently based in New York City. Born on April 6, 1983, he is known for his leadership skills and social personality. A finalist on ‘Fresh Meat,’ Kenny was the winner of ‘The Inferno 3,’ ‘The Island,’ and ‘The Ruins.’ He owns The Strength Club NYC, a gym that offers group training as well as private training, and Strong New York, a company that sells high-quality apparel such as hoodies and sweatshirts.

Kenny is extremely close to his family and often has elaborate celebrations with them. He appears in minor roles in the television shows ‘Taxi Brooklyn’ and ‘Rules of Cool.’ A brand ambassador of Michelob Ultra and Fitaid, he is passionate about physical and mental health. Moreover, the Montclair State University alum constantly encourages his fans on social media to adopt a healthy lifestyle and believes that strength is a state of mind.

Where Are Darrell Taylor and Aviv Melmed Bruno Now?

Darrell Taylor and Aviv Melmed Bruno were crowned as the winners of the show’s twelfth round. Darell is no stranger to ‘The Challenge,’ having won ‘The Gauntlet,’ ‘The Inferno,’ ‘The Inferno II,’ and ‘Champs vs. Pros.’ Born on November 5, 1979, and hailing from Oakland, California, Darell is a trained boxer and co-owns LB4LB Fitness (established 2014) in Elk Grove, California, with his wife, Milasent. The two tied the knot in 2017 and have two children named Amyah and Zaeden. The couple enjoys an active lifestyle and regularly goes for family vacations to places like Walt Disney World, Yosemite National Park, Hawaii, and Mexico. In 2021, Darrell featured in ‘The Challenge: All Stars 2.’

Aviv Melmed Bruno, 38, was the “fresh meat” to Darrell’s alum in season 12. Clearly, the two worked well together as they were the winners of the season. Born on December 12, 1983, in Columbus, Ohio, Aviv is a dual citizen of both Israel and the US. She was a soldier in the Israeli Air Force from 2001 to 2002. Currently, Aviv enjoys a happy family life with her husband, Ryan, and two children, Rami and Noa, in Los Angeles.

In fact, Aviv loves to share pictures of her little ones with her fans on social media and is often seen going to the beach. Aviv also has a cute dog named Loki, the latest addition to the family as of September 2021. An Ohio State University alumna, she has been working as an Enterprise Account Executive at Verkada – a California-based company – since August 2021.

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