The Claus Family 2 Ending, Explained

Christmas is more about friendship, family, and love than presents. But presents make everything better! Ruben Vandenborre reared Flemish original festive-themed fantasy drama ‘The Claus Family 2’ (‘De Familie Claus 2’), the second installment of the fresh out of the oven Netflix franchise. In the second chapter, Suzanne struggles to manage her cookie business, while Jules takes up the responsibilities of Christmas from his grandfather. However, when Jules receives an unusual Christmas wish from a girl named Marie, old wounds remain to be reopened. The Christmas delivery chore is a walk in the park with two Santas gearing up, but is Marie’s wish fulfilled? If you feel like revisiting the final moments, let us walk you through to the very end. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Claus Family 2 Plot Synopsis

After her success in the first movie’s finale, Suzanne has opened a bakery of her own, with Christmas just around the corner. We see the familiar faces, including Noel, Jules, Ella, and her previous co-workers Het and Farid. Jules walks out of the inaugural party to find a girl standing in the alley. Jules comes to know the girl’s name is Marie and offers her some cookies. After the party, Noel reminds Jules of their upcoming errand this year.

While taking a stroll, Jules sees Marie has left, but she has also left a letter for Santa. Jules reads the letter to get an idea about Marie’s wish. Marie’s parents, Steven and Tine, are divorced, and she wants them to be back together. Steven owns a shopping mall, where Tine runs a book store. Due to their shared workplace, they still see each other, but conversations between the couple often lead to arguments. Holger has prepared the list at Santa’s house in the North Pole. Jules and Noel sort the gifts and set sail for the yearly adventure.

They successfully defy Andrei’s traps to catch Santa, cover most of Europe, and return safely. At this rate, everyone may receive their gifts quite early. But when Jules tells Noel about Marie’s wish, an abruptly upset Noel tells him that some incidents in life are irreversible. Not disheartened by Noel’s words, Jules teams up with Holger and in-house pixies Essa and Gunna to take care of Marie’s woes personally. His endeavor almost derails Christmas, but not really.

The Claus Family 2 Ending: Do Marie’s Parents Unite?

For most of the movie, Jules struggles to unite Marie’s parents, which is Marie’s Christmas wish. The quest is personal for him, especially since his father is dead. Not all cracks can be fixed, but some can be taken care of. After Noel’s bashing, Jules goes to Essa and Gunna, asking for help. Jules needs to know the reason behind his grandfather’s abrupt reaction. Holger is initially reluctant but agrees to prepare a contract for their quest under the nose of Noel. The fairies take Jules to Noel’s secret room full of unanswered letters.

These are letters where kids ask for their parents to be reunited or a friend. Meanwhile, Ikka catches the party in the act of invasion. However, Jules manages to bring her into the team. They sneak the snow-globe out of Santa’s house and on a dumpster. Jules, Essa, and Gunna go to the mall to orchestrate a meeting between Marie’s estranged parents. While Essa and Gunna embark upon misadventures after stealing a couple of rat costumes, Jules and Marie go to take a look at the register of stall assignments. With some sleight of hand, Jules hooks Tine and Steven up to work at the same stall, making cotton candies.

They do not get along well. Although the older woman at the stall tries to get some sense into the couple, they still resort to arguments. Meanwhile, Noel finds that the snow globe is missing. Time is almost up, and Ikka returns with the globe in the nick of time. Jules and the two fairies are late to reach their rendezvous point near the dumpster, and Jules decides to return to the mall. Noel retrieves the globe and sets the dial for the mall, where he finds Jules. Jules has defied Noel’s orders, but Jules tells Noel that he knows about the secret room. They end up at an impasse, and Christmas looks grim.

Determined and not giving up easily, Jules makes another attempt at orchestrating a reunion. This time, they need Holger as well. Holger agrees only to save Christmas. With the help of a walkie-talkie, Jules arranges for Tine and Steven to end up at the elevator. Holger disconnects a wire, and the lift stops midway. However, this stance is not enough to save the doomed marriage, and Marie is grounded. In the end, Jules gives up on the quest. Although Noel is initially angry at Jules’ behavior, he stops at Jules’ room to reminisce.

Noel’s disillusionment of love and family stems from his tainted relationship with his wife. Noel confesses that his wife was upset that he was always at work. But he chose not to tell her the secret of the family lineage. But as old makes room for the new, Noel agrees to bring people closer through presents. They also arrange for two shy kids to be friends with a couple of walkie-talkies. Jules gives it one last shot to reunite Marie’s parents.

They come rushing to Tine’s bookstore after getting the letters from Jules, but the arguments don’t stop. In the meantime, the previously detached wire causes a fire, and the alarm goes off. People rush out of the mall, but Marie is still sleeping in her attic room. Thanks to the bravery of Jules, Marie gets out safely. And just when the kids are about to give up, Marie’s parents come around to tell her that they will try to work the relationship out. On the eve of Christmas, Steven and Marie visit Tine’s house, and with the final shot, we believe they end up together.

Does Suzanne Succeed With The Bakery?

The sequel begins with the opening party of Suzanne’s new bakery. Suzanne’s mother also visits to help. However, the newly inaugurated shop does not have many customers, and Suzanne’s mother nags about whether Suzanne can manage everything. However, Suzanne accepts the setback and decides to try harder.

People are not visiting Suzanne’s shop because they buy cookies from the mall. Het, Ella, Suzanne, and Farid visit the mall to distribute leaflets for Suzanne’s shop. Het and Ella spy on Suzanne and Farid, who they think make a cute couple. Suzanne probably ends up with the firefighter, but let us not derail from the question.

Their leaflet distribution ends when Steven and the mall authorities catch them red-handed in the act. They do not have permission to promote outside business inside the mall. But in the end, Jules cuts a deal with Steven, which possibly earns Suzanne and the team their guerilla marketing at the mall. The final moments see the bakery brimming with customers, and even Suzanne’s mother concludes that she was in the wrong to doubt Suzanne.

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