The Climb Season 1: Where Are the Cast Members Now?

Image Credit: Maria Contreras Coll/HBO Max

Few things can give an adrenaline rush as good as rock climbing. Even watching someone conquer nature’s walls is nothing short of exhilarating. These are precisely why HBO Max’s ‘The Climb‘ has garnered so much love from the public. In fact, it is not just the reality series that excited the viewers, as they are very much in awe of the people who have participated in this thrilling competition. With the recent airing of the show’s first-ever finale, the public is eager to know more about the current whereabouts of the climbers in season 1.

Cat Runner is Still Inspiring Many Today

Starting with the winner of the season, we have Cat Runner. As it turns out, the transgender athlete is just as talented behind the camera as he is on the rocks. He specializes in portrait photography and filmmaking. Additionally, he serves as the Founder of Queer Climber’s Network, which supports various LGBTQ+ climbers. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the reality TV star is also the organizer of Queer and Trans Climbing Club at Climb NuLu, located within the city.

Talking about his time on the show, Cat has been nothing but delighted about being able to climb some of the best rock climbing spots in the world. He was happy with what his victory signified for people within the trans community of climbers. “To the trans people who came before and were there when I was younger, today we are seen,” he shared in the Instagram post above.

Dominique “Dom” Terrill Barry Still Maintains a Good Bond With His Fellow Finalists

At number 2, we have Dominique “Dom” Terrill Barry, who became the runner of the first-ever installment of ‘The Climb.’ As of writing, he lives in Lakewood, California, and works as a Climber and a Coach. Affiliated with La Sportiva North America and Organic Clothing, Dom often promotes the two companies on his social media, especially when the content is related to rock climbing. He also works with brands like Chevrolet and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Delighted by his performance in the HBO Max show, the California native maintains a good bond with fellow finalist Cat.

Robyn Michelle Ragins is Enjoying Her Life Today

Having grown up in Chicago, Illinois, Robyn Michelle Ragins had a passion for rock climbing from a young age. This dedication to the sport prompted her to move to Utah and join the University of Utah Climbing Team in 2018. Over the years, she has traveled to many places worldwide and completed some of the most challenging routes. Presently, Robyn works as a Rock-Climbing Coach for children.

The reality TV star seems to enjoy her job as an educator and has maintained her reputation as a talented climber. Becoming one of the finalists in the HBO Max show certainly helped her gain much respect in the community and bag sponsorships from brands like Chevrolet. In October 2022, the climber welcomed an adorable puppy named Fig into her life, whom she adores very much.

Alice Hafer is the Founder of Mind Strength Coaching

Based in Reno, Nevada, Alice Hafer works as a Writer and Coach who takes immense pleasure in educating others about rock climbing. However, her primary role seems to be that of Mindset Expert, and she works with various athletes from different fields. Sponsored by Physivantage, Maxim Ropes, Gnarly Nutrition, and Scarpa, Alice is the Founder of Mind Strength Coaching and strives to help as many sportspeople as possible. With her numerous years of experience in various forms of sports and psychology, the reality TV star is well respected in the field of rock climbing.

Decco is Coping Up With a Personal Loss

André Braga, AKA Decco, had a memorable journey on the HBO Max show and garnered much viewers’ love. Based in Curitiba, Brazil, he is presently the Co-Founder of Fábrica de Formas, which is the first-ever organization in Latin America to be solely dedicated to the sport of rock climbing.

The reality TV participant enjoyed his time on the show and is happy to promote the series. The climber recently shared the news of his grandfather’s passing with his followers and wrote a heartfelt post about how much he loves him. We offer our sincere condolences to Decco and his loved ones and hope their love for each other remains as strong as ever.

Tiffany Soithongsuk Continues to Inspire Many With Her Many Talents

As it turns out, rock climbing is far from the only talent that Tiffany Soithongsuk possesses. Based in London, UK, the reality TV star is a Wellness and Fit-Yoga Coach, a Speaker, an Actor, and TV Presenter, a Writer, and an Astrophysicist. The sheer diversity of her portfolio is nothing short of awe-inspiring and only adds to the admiration that she gets from the public. She is also the mind behind ClimbFlow, which teaches yoga to climbers to better their skills. Besides, Tiffany’s husband is a climber who supported her throughout the show and kept her spirits up during the more strenuous days of the competition.

Bradford “Brad” Lee Burns is a Rock Climbing Guide Today

Hailing from Story, Wyoming, Bradford “Brad” Lee Burns performed impressively during his time in the competition before his exit. “There was no failure in this experience. We all walked away a better person. I see that as success on every avenue,” he stated while talking about his experience.

After graduating from high school in 2018, the reality TV star obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience from the University of Montana in May 2022. Brad now works as a Rock Climbing Guide and is affiliated with Professional Climbing Guides Institute(PCGI). As of writing, he frequently travels between Story, Montana’s Bozeman, and Idaho’s Sun Valley.

Mario Randall Stanley is Still Thriving

Mario Randall Stanley lives in Dallas, Texas, and is an avid rock climber. He has also been the host of the podcast ‘Sends And Suffers’ since April 2022. Additionally, Mario is the Owner of HighPoint Expeditions and is the Competitive Rock Climbing Coach and Manager for Summit Climbing. His work has allowed him to work alongside brands like Organic Climbing, Beyond Clothing, and Kaya. The reality TV star is known for creating short-form content, which includes reacting to rock-climbing videos.

Maiza Lima is Still Thriving as a Model

Maiza Lima and her husband are based in Great Falls, Montana. Hailing from Brazil, the climber moved to the US at 17 and gained her American citizenship in August 2022. The reality TV star has continued to push herself and prove her mettle in rock climbing. As per reports, she is affiliated with various sports-based brands like Marmot, Black Diamond Equipment, La Sportiva North America, and Gnarly Nutrition.

The climber has partnered with Maxim Ropes, Hest, and She Moves Mountains. Apart from being an accomplished athlete, Maiza is active in the modeling industry and has been on the cover of publications like Climbing Magazine and Go Outside.

April Fulton Welch is Focusing on Family Today

Even though April Fulton Welch was the first to be eliminated among the ten climbers in season 1 of ‘The Climb,’ she gained much love from the viewers, who could not help but respect her passion and dedication. The climber lives in the Scottish town of Bonnyrigg in the UK and maintains an unshakeable love for rock climbing. In November 2022, she celebrated her 27th anniversary with her husband, Reuben Welch; the couple has two daughters. When not scaling challenging rocks, April likes to create content for platforms like TikTok.

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