The Exorcism (2024): Exploring All Filming Locations

Starring Russell Crowe in the lead, ‘The Exorcism’ is a horror film that centers upon Anthony Miller, a troubled actor who begins exhibiting disruptive behavior on a horror movie set. As his estranged daughter, Lee (Ryan Simpkins), starts to suspect whether these are his former addictions or a more sinister force, Miller’s condition keeps worsening. Initially known as ‘The Georgetown Project’ — a nod to the Washington, D.C., setting of the iconic horror film ‘The Exorcist’ — the project’s approach of a film-within-a-film carries the movie into the meta-horror genre of films, such as ‘Scream.’ In addition to its thrilling narrative and star-studded cast, ‘The Exorcism’ thrives in delivering a horror experience both on and off the screen, thanks to its seemingly terrifying shooting venues.

Where Was The Exorcism Filmed?

The filming of ‘The Exorcism’ went through one of the most drastically affected film productions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The horror drama was primarily filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, where the principal photography originally began on November 4, 2019, and wrapped on December 18 of the same year. Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, additional filming was delayed by nearly four years and only resumed in 2023. These reshoots included new scenes and additional actors in New York City, Los Angeles, and Australia.

Wilmington, North Carolina

‘The Exorcism’ was extensively shot in the city of Wilmington, New Hanover County, in North Carolina, creating significant buzz surrounding the process since the coastal town is not a favorite among filming destinations. Although most of the interior scenes were shot inside Cinespace Studios — then known as EUE/Screen Gems Studios — on 1223 North 23rd Street, plenty of sequences capture the true essence of Port City from the outside. The studio’s two-tone red and white exterior, seen in the film, also serves as the backdrop for the movie-within-a-movie being shot by the character of Russell Crowe. The actor finished his portion of filming in November and shared a heartfelt message for the city and the local team via a video.

David Hyde Pierce, who portrays Father Conor, filmed his scenes at Saint James Episcopal Parish, a historic church located at 25 South 3rd Street in downtown Wilmington. The church allowed him to play the pipe organ, and he wore weights on his feet to adopt an older man’s gait. In the film, Lee Miller (Simpkins) and Blake Holloway (Bailey) seek help from Father Conor when things go awry. The main chapel area of Saint James Episcopal Parish, easily identifiable by its distinctive archway, serves as the backdrop for this pivotal scene.

Additional filming locations in Wilmington include the Brooklyn Arts Center at 516 North 4th Street for exterior scenes and North Front Street, which was dressed to mimic a New York City setting. Similarly, 2 North Front Street was also given a temporary facade to represent another destination. The film also includes scenes shot at Dock Street and features an impressive house set built on a soundstage, along with shots of the studio lot and its intimate screening room. A notable scene has two characters walking the streets of downtown Wilmington at night, awaiting the inevitable fear and trembling.

The Joshua John Miller directorial benefited from a $3 million North Carolina Film and Entertainment grant, contributing to the state’s growing film community. As a mark of gratitude toward the local crew and welcoming community, ‘The Exorcism’ had an early premiere at Thalian Hall, Wilmington, shortly before its wide release. In a post-screening Q&A session, director Miller and co-writer M.A. Fortin thanked the cast and crew for their contributions and emphasized the supportive nature of the North Carolina film community.

New York City, New York

Given its movie-within-a-movie nature, ‘The Exorcism’ also features several shots depicting the affluent lifestyle of its actors. The production team decided to shoot such scenes outside of North Carolina. One of the chosen locations is the state of New York, and the filming of a few scenes took place specifically in New York City. The producers initially attempted to recreate the interiors of these places within Wilmington, putting second-unit crews to record several establishing shots and B-rolls at real locations.

A viable method to limit the budget, the plan was dropped because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the remaining shoots taking place from scratch in 2023. Filming in New York City added an authentic urban atmosphere to ‘The Exorcism,’ raising the skeptic factor in its characters. One of the city’s most iconic landmarks, which leaves its mark in the end product, is Williamsburg Bridge, which added genuine flavor to Brooklyn’s landscapes.

Los Angeles, California

Another location that hosted the production of ‘The Exorcism’ is the western state of California. In particular, the cast and crew members visited several locations in the sprawling city of Los Angeles in the southern part of the Garden State. Shooting in Los Angeles leveraged the meta nature of the movie, providing swift access to required equipment, new crew members, and extras. Popularly known as the entertainment capital of the world, the city of Los Angeles has hosted the productions of some of the most popular horror films over the years, including the inaugural entries in ‘Halloween,’ ‘Child’s Play,’ and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street‘ franchises.


Australia also served as one of the places where the second phase of the shooting of the Russell Crowe film took place. Scheduling production in the Land Down Under allowed the makers to take advantage of the actor’s availability without affecting his other commitments. These scenes added an international dimension to the film, contributing to its global appeal and greater interest in audiences witnessing the on-screen terror. Over the years, Australia has assisted in the production of numerous local and international movies and shows, with the ‘Mad Max‘ series being an absolute standout in showcasing the stunning landscapes of the island nation.

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