Where is The Great American Recipe Filmed?

One of the most popular reality shows on PBS, ‘The Great American Recipe’ is a cooking competition in which talented home cooks from various regions of the United States showcase their signature dishes in a nationwide contest. The show provides a platform for people with diverse culinary skills to enter their original recipes and win the title. Since its premiere in 2022, it has been drawing audiences’ attention by blending its contestants’ delicious recipes with their personal stories.

Developed by Michael Beilinson, Sarah Glaser, and Kristin Wendell, the show features Alejandra Ramos as the host, along with numerous renowned experts — Tiffany Derry, Graham Elliot, Leah Cohen, and in later seasons, Tim Hollingsworth and Francis Lam — serving as judges. One of the major attractions behind viewers’ ever-so-growing attention is the battlefield, aka the sets of ‘The Great American Recipe,’ as the ambiance of its packed inside kitchens is joined by the fresh winds of the open world.

The Great American Recipe Filming Locations

The reality show is filmed across various locations in the country, carefully chosen to reflect the regional diversity of the contestants. ‘The Great American Recipe’ distances itself from most reality and game shows with its unconventional approach to not relying on a static studio. Moreover, the show crosses the entire Hollywood arena and popular West Coast choices based in California, instead opting for destinations, which include villages in Virginia, Texas, and Tennessee, where contestants worked in spacious and well-equipped kitchen setups, allowing them to focus on their culinary creations amidst the scenic beauty of the countryside.

Ruther Glen, Virginia

Image Credit: Touristguy87/YouTube

The first and second seasons of ‘The Great American Recipe’ were shot in the village of Ruther Glen, located in Caroline County in the state of Virginia. With location scouting conducted by Joe Cacciotti, who has extensive experience in discovering suitable filming sites in the Greater Richmond Region, the show was recorded at the Mattaponi Springs Golf Club located at 22490 Penola Road. Filming officially began in September 2021 as the large estate went on to serve as the communal kitchen where contestants prepared their dishes. The serene and expansive golf club offered a cozy setting, combining the essence of rural Virginia with the practicality needed for filming a cooking competition.

The Woodlands, Texas

Image Credit: The Sports & Travel Show/YouTube

Bringing a fresh outlook on its setting, production of ‘The Great American Recipe’ moved southwest and settled in Texas for the second season finale. With Dosey Doe The Big Barn — located at 25911 Interstate 45 in The Woodlands in the Greater Houston region — the competition managed to replicate the coziness of its original backdrop with refreshing new air. This rustic 19th-century barn — long transitioned into a music venue — brought a vintage look to an ambitious final episode with a touch of Texan flair to the kitchenware. The episode also marked the first appearance of the historical place in any major production.

Nashville, Tennessee

‘The Great American Recipe’ is also taped in the state of Tennessee. For the third season, the production team moved back toward the North in the neighboring state of Virginia, Tennessee. Green Door Gourmet — a 350-acre farm located at 7007 River Road Pike in the city of Nashville — was eventually selected as the primary set, making it the third place of its kind for filming.

The farm also served as a shooting site for a wedding rehearsal sequence in the fourth season of ‘Nashville.’ It not only serves as an on-farm market but is also an agritourism destination. With its vast and vibrant agricultural fields, Green Door Gourmet provides an inspiring and picturesque setting for the competition, aligning perfectly with the theme of ‘The Great American Recipe’ to celebrate American traditions.

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