The Irrational Episode 1 Recap: Alec Mercer and His Past

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NBC’s ‘The Irrational’ is a crime-drama series created by Arika Mittman starring Jesse L. Martin (‘The Flash‘) as Professor Alec Mercer, a world-renowned expert in behavioral science. The series premiere episode introduces viewers to Alec and his unique insights into human behavior that he uses to aid in criminal investigations. However, when a baffling murder case puzzles the police, Alec’s skills are tested. Meanwhile, we also learn about a past incident that drives Alec and his desire to understand human behavior. If you are wondering whether Alec’s methods help him solve the murder case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Irrational’ episode 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Irrational Episode 1 Recap

The first episode, titled ‘Pilot,’ opens with Alec Mercer, a professor of behavioral psychology, aiding the FBI in negotiating a hostage situation. Alec speaks with the armed man holding a woman and baby hostage and convinces the man to surrender. After resolving the crisis situation, Alec and FBI Agent Marisa have a brief conversation. Alec and Marisa were married for years and are nearing a divorce. It is also revealed that Alec was in a bomb explosion that left him severely burned, and his face still carries the burn marks.

Image Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

Later, Alec teaches his class at Wylton University, where Rizwan, a new student, joins him. The Mayor summons Alec to her office and learns of a murder case involving Dylan Hayes, the son of Senator Hayes. The Mayor instructs Alec to use his expertise and decide whether Dylan could have killed the victim, Jasmin, his ex-girlfriend. She promises to let law enforcement take the course if Dylan is guilty of the crime. Meanwhile, Dylan is arrested by the police and confesses to killing his ex-girlfriend, Jasmin, who was a social media influencer.

Alec is unconvinced by Dylan’s confession as the latter does not remember key details from the night of the crime. Dylan claims that he and Jasmin shared a tumultuous relationship. They were both alcoholics who met during AA meetings and started dating. He and Jasmin often fought and broke up before getting back together. Dylan also reveals that he is a former Marine, and his time in the army led to his alcoholism. As a result, Alec is surprised when Dylan cannot remember the type of gun he fired, resulting in Jasmin’s death. While the police want to close the case, Alec argues about Dylan being innocent.

Meanwhile, Alec meets DA Alice Bowen and convinces her to hold off pressing charges against Dylan until he can prove the truth about Jasmin’s murder. Alec takes his sister Kylie’s help to go through Jasmin’s social videos. While an influencer rival of Jasmin is caught sneaking into the apartment. The police arrest the woman and recover a 5-year sobriety medal from the apartment. Alec realizes that there is someone else involved with Jasmin’s murder. However, his suspicions are put to rest when a video implicating Dylan is found on Jasmin’s hard disk.

The Irrational Episode 1 Ending: Who Killed Jasmin?

In the video on Jasmin’s laptop, she talks about a man who threatens her safety. Jasmin claims that this person makes inappropriate advances during AA meetings. She felt concerned for her well-being and avoided going to the meetings. The police and Alice believe that the video is referring to Dylan, a disgruntled ex-boyfriend who may have tried to harm Jasmin after she broke off things with him. However, Alec suspects someone other than Dylan is the subject of Jasmin’s video.

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Alec and Rizwan attend an AA meeting with Jasmin and Dylan’s group. Alec shares her tragic backstory at the meeting about being caught up in a church bombing. He deduces that Ray, Dylan’s sponsor, is the only person who has completed five years of sobriety. Alec confirms his suspicion about Ray by using a fake sobriety medal. As a result, Ray becomes alarmed and holds Alec at gunpoint. While Ray drives off in a car while holding Alec hostage, Alec pieces together the entire scenario.

Ray made inappropriate advances toward Jasmin despite her not being interested. One night, Ray showed up at Jasmin’s apartment and shot Jasmin after a brief physical altercation. Ray later pinned the blame on Dylan, thinking the police would suspect the ex-boyfriend. Later, Ray planted evidence and stories in Dylan’s mind that convinced him to think he had killed Jasmin. Ultimately, Ray is arrested when the FBI shows up, but Alec lands in the hospital because of the car accident. Nonetheless, Alec succeeds in proving Dylan’s innocence, and he is released from police custody.

Does Banning Get Parole?

The episode’s subplot revolves around Alec’s past and sheds light on his guilt about the church bombing that charred him. Wes Banning, arrested for supplying the explosives for the bombing, is up for a parole hearing, which affects Alec. However, by the episode’s end, the accident seemingly brings back Alec’s memory as he remembers seeing a logo on a van at the church before the explosion. The episode’s final moments see Alec attending Banning’s parole hearing. When it seems like Banning will receive parole, a mysterious figure scares him, and he jeopardizes his hearing. Alec realizes what is happening and chases after the figure in a hat, but the latter gets away before Alec can see their face. As a result, the episode ends with Alec getting a new lead in the cold case that seemingly alters the course of his life.

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