The Legend of Vox Machina Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

Based on ‘Critical Role,’ a web series in which a group of voice actors adds pizazz to the epic fantasy world of ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ adult animated series ‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ transports the viewers to a wondrous world of magic and mischief. The team of the titular heroes gears up to tackle a blue dragon of unknown origin, placing their lives at risk for some bounty. If you feel puzzled at the end of the first episode, titled ‘The Terror of Tal’Dorei – Part 1,’ let us demystify the ending for you. But first, let’s take a quick recap. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Legend of Vox Machina Episode 1 Recap

In early moments, valorous warrior team Shale Steps fights a battle with a blue dragon. They die on the battleground, while the dragon goes on to raze parts of the kingdom of Emon. Later, in the bar, Grog, a giant, initiates when an intimidating guy disrespects his friend, Keyleth. They win the battle, wreaking most of the bar in the process. Meanwhile, they have to summon Scanlan, who is busy mating the daughter of the buffalo owner of the bar, and Trinket, the in-house shielded bear.

Grog and his group, the titular Vox Machina, lament about their sorry, drunken state. In the meantime, Scanlan finds a bounty poster while taking a leak. Our heroes visit the palace following the bounty, but Trinket has to wait outside, for the guards do not let him enter. They meet Lady Kima of Vord, Lady Allura Vysoren, General Krieg, Sir Fince, and Sovereign Uriel in the court.

Despite the royals dismissing the crew as scums, Scanlan gives a lyrical introduction of the team. The team includes Keyleth the Ashari, Pike the healer, twins Vax’ildan and Vex’ahlia, Grog the giant, Percy the gunner, Scanlan, and Trinket. Thanks to Scanlan’s singing, mostly, they get a chance at combatting the dragon. Lady Allura escorts the titans to the dragon’s abode in the north, on a zeppelin, if you may.

Grog is excited to get a ride, and Percy is in it for the money. On the way, they meet an angler and his family. Although she seems out of practice, Pike blesses them to ward off the dragon. Vax gives the boy a coin against some information. They walk to the mountain to see the creature firsthand, which mercilessly tramples a rabbit in front of their terrified eyes. A fight ensues, but the heroes seem inadequate to tackle the dragon.

The Legend of Vox Machina Ending: Is the Boy Dead or Alive? Do The Heroes Forfeit From The Mission?

None of their powers seem enough to defeat the dragon. While Percy keeps on firing his gun, Vax and Vex keep the dragon occupied by ushering a storm of arrows. Meanwhile, Grog attempts to give the dragon a blow, but his force cannot do much in front of the dragon’s mammoth strength. Scanlan is terrified to see their hulk conceding defeat in the first moment, while Pike gives the dragon a majestic blow.

However, Keyleth chokes to see the sinister dragon and the hellfire coming out of its mouth. Pike attempts to snap Keyleth out of her panic mode, but the heroes do not look too hopeful. It is perhaps too late by the time Keyleth snaps out of her trance. They hurriedly come together, and Pike attempts to shield them. In the end, Keyleth comes to the rescue with her thorny creepers. They decide that their lives are dearer to them than some money and recognition and decide to return to the palace.

However, on their way back from the mountain, the heroes find that the dragon has annihilated the abode of Mr. Fisherman. The boy Vax met earlier is almost dead, and after rejuvenating Grog, Pike does not have enough power to bring the boy back to life. The boy dies in the end, but his death gives meaning to the warriors’ quest. Grog presents a thoughtful but concise speech, and the rest follow. Meanwhile, Scanlan thinks of a tune of a “dead dragon.” In short, they change their minds and plan to combat the dragon, even if it causes their death.

What Does The Title Mean?

The heroes call themselves Vox Machina, but you may wonder what the Latin-sounding term means in the first place. The in-house gunslinger Percy tries to make a point about the name at the court, but the royals could care less. If you have thought that the name has something to do with theatres, you are correct. The Latin “Vox Machina” roughly translates to English as voice machines, used to designate voice actors in ancient Greek drama.

While it may sound like the term has to do with dragons and all, it is not remotely so. Well, it seemed cool to have some special effects and mysterious voices in the backdrop of lengthy monologues in the past days. Crew members would be assigned to control the machinery, which would amplify the sound. Presumably, Percy, the sophisticated guy, came up with the name, owing to his gun, a machine. However, the ‘Critical Role’ players initially came up with a “Super High-Intensity Team” (S.H.I.T.s) but later named the collective Vox Machina. The phrase can also be a nod to them being primarily voice actors.

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