The Mad Optimist on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

The concept of ‘Shark Tank‘ is simple, successfully pitch your company and product to a panel of investors, and end up walking away with a much-needed deal that will help your company expand as per your expectations and maybe even beyond. Not only does this reality series entertain us with seeing new, sometimes different, and strange products, but it schools us about the ways of business.

Every year millions of hopeful entrepreneurs apply, and every year just a handful of them are selected. Of course, most of these chosen people come on the show with the hopes of landing an investor, but they are also quite happy with just the exposure of being introduced to millions of viewers on TV because, well, they all are potential customers. Season 11, Episode 24 of ‘Shark Tank’ introduced us to one such company by the name of The Mad Optimist, and here is everything you should know about them.

The Mad Optimist: Who Are They?

The Madhi brothers, along with their friend Anthony Duncan are the founders of this soap company. Although all of them attended Indiana University, none of them majored in chemistry. Their curious and inventive nature is what led them to manufacture soap products without artificial ingredients in the kitchen. After testing the samples on Mohammed A. Madhi, who fell in love with it, they started selling their products commercially.

Initially starting out as the Soapy Soap Company, they devised a way to make all-natural vegan soaps ready for immediate consumption, using essential oils and plant-based ingredients, following which they expanded into other body care products like bath soaks, lip balms, and sprays. Usually, soaps need a month to cure before they can be sold and used, but the founders created a proprietary method by the name of the “Volcano Method” that allows to soap to be cured in just 24 hours.

The Mad Optimist: What Do They Do?

After teaming up with a branding firm, the company rebranded itself as The Mad Optimist to show that they value their customers and the planet more than they value profits. One of the most unusual things about the organization is that it doesn’t have a specific product, yes it sells body care products, but everything is customizable.

Each customer can choose what they want according to their skin type and needs and pick out the ingredients, scents, packaging, and even the price range of their product. All The Mad Optimist promises is that everything will be 100% vegan, 100% halal, cruelty-free, gluten-free and will have no-GMO.

All the products are made from essential oils that are sourced directly from farmers and utterly independent of chemicals like sulfate and phthalate. The company cares about what people are putting on their bodies, and it shows by the way they operate.

The Mad Optimist gives massive importance to ethical practices and believes in complete transparency between the consumers and the organization. Therefore, they upload their monthly revenue on their website and pay the same wages to all its staff members, whether it be the owners, administrative employees, or production team members.

Make sure to check out all their different social media channels as well, that way, you yourself can see what they stand for and what they aim to do.

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