The Man Who Fell To Earth Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ episode 4, titled ‘Under Pressure,’ finds Faraday and Justin finally making contact with Origin. Things are tense, as expected, and the Flood family has some intriguing dynamics. Justin’s surreal journey also continues, and Newton lingers in the background. Let’s take another look at the crucial moments of ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ episode 4. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Man Who Fell To Earth Episode 4 Recap

The episode opens with Faraday, Justin, and the recently ousted Origin boss Hatch Flood preparing for their meeting with Edie Flood. As the head of Origin, Edie is advised to agree to a deal in order to attain the quantum generator demonstrated by Faraday in the previous episode. The meeting, which is set in the Floods’ opulent estate, is also attended by Edie’s eccentric son, who reveals an artifact left behind by Newton. Instantly intrigued, Faraday forces the young boy to reveal it. The artifact turns out to be a recording by Newton, which contains a song only referred to as “Newton’s Song.” Through it, Faraday learns about Newton’s tragic time on Earth and how he has forgotten his wife’s name.

After an outburst that scares Clive away, Faraday sits down with the others to try and find a compromise. Hatch demands a majority stake in Origin in exchange for Faraday’s revolutionary technology, while Edie refuses to give up control of her company. Ultimately, the company is split equally. During the discussions, Edie reveals how Justin, during her days as a scientist, caused the death of her partner while attempting to achieve a fusion reaction.

Meanwhile, CIA agent Spencer Clay follows Newton’s trail and finds Sister Mary Lou in an archaic settlement. She becomes emotional at the mention of Newton and says that she had an affair with him. She also, perhaps crucially, reveals that she introduced him to alcohol. So far, Newton has appeared to be in a bit of a stupor every time we have seen him.

The Man Who Fell To Earth Episode 4 Ending: What Does Spencer Clay Want from Faraday?

Finally, Spencer arrives at the Flood residence after a tipoff about Faraday’s whereabouts. When Edie, not realizing he’s a CIA agent, tries to eject Spencer from the estate, he makes a startling revelation. He informs Edie that Origin is merely a placeholder company that was formed as a way for the CIA to store Newton’s groundbreaking patents. Her father, from whom Edie inherited the company, is described by the CIA agent as a mere caretaker for the patents.

Shocked into silence, Edie allows Spencer to sit in on her meeting with Faraday. The episode closes with the agent shaking hands with the bewildered alien, who seems put off by his presence.

It is clear that Spencer is not letting on just how much he knows about Faraday and the alien presence on Earth. The CIA agent is introduced at the meeting as merely one of Edie’s advisors. Spencer’s larger goal is to locate Newton, who has been missing for a number of years and seemingly holds the secret to limitless energy. Since Faraday is already trying to locate Newton, Spencer might be planning to just follow Faraday until he leads him to Newton.

There is also a lot that Spencer doesn’t know about as yet. However, his proximity to Faraday through Edie might soon change that. For now, the CIA agent seems to be waiting and quietly gauging Faraday’s next move.

What is the Deal Between Origin and Faraday?

The deal between Origin and Faraday’s group (Justin and Hatch) centers around Newton’s mysterious and seemingly world-changing tenth patent. Though Edie has the patent, it is incomplete, and no amount of research has been able to decipher the complicated notes left behind by Newton. Faraday’s quantum generator holds the key to making a working model of Newton’s tenth patent, which is supposed to generate limitless clean energy.

The final deal struck sees Edie give up half her stake in Origin in exchange for Faraday using his generator to create Newton’s final wondrous machine. Since Origin would then control a machine that makes limitless clean energy, its value would be immeasurable, making Edie’s smaller percentage worth much more than the entire company ever could under normal circumstances.

However, once Edie turns over Newton’s notes, it remains to be seen whether Faraday and his group hold up their side of the bargain. The alien’s foremost priority is to use Newton’s invention to save his planet, Anthea. Of course, he has also agreed to leave behind a way for humans to recreate the machine as well. However, it seems unlikely that Faraday would leave it in the hands of Edie Flood.

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