The Neighbor in The Window: Everything We Know

Lifetime’s ‘Ripped From the Headlines’ franchise provides viewers with thrilling tales based on real stories. These movies have successfully managed to grip viewers with shocking stories that make them wonder whether such events can actually happen in real life. ‘The Neighbor in the Window’ starring Jamie-Lynn Sigler is a worthy addition to the slate of films and adds a flavor of psychological drama to the mix.

The movie is based on the novel, ‘False Victim’ by Kathie Truitt, which is in turn based on a true story. The basic premise of the movie, as gauged by its title is one revolving around watching a mysterious neighbor doing something shady through their window, across the street. This instantly reminds one of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 masterpiece, ‘Rear Window.’

While ‘Rear Window’ primarily focused on a bedridden man spying on his neighbor, ‘The Neighbor in the Window’ takes the premise one step forward. It is centered around a woman named Karen who moves to Washington with her loving family. Excited to be beginning a new chapter in her life, Karen quickly befriends her neighbor, Lisa.

Lisa is beautiful. Lisa is charming. However, Lisa is also psychotic! She not only begins to lie to Karen profusely, but she also spreads false information about Karen to others. An attention-seeking maniac, Lisa starts to portray herself as a victim of Karen. Things soon get out of control beyond Karen’s imagination, threatening her family.

The Neighbor in the Window Filming Locations

Many of you might be wondering where was ‘The Neighbor in the Window’ filmed. The ‘Ripped From the Headlines’ movie is set in Washington. But did the makers actually shoot the movie in Washington?

Vancouver, British Columbia

Unfortunately, details regarding the filming locations of ‘The Neighbor in the Window’ have been scarce. Hence, we cannot say where the movie was shot with absolute clarity. Although, we can surely speculate where the film MIGHT have been filmed by attempting to make an educated guess based on the filming locations of other Lifetime movies.

Most Lifetime movies have been filmed in Los Angeles, California or Canada. Majority of Lifetime films that feature a sizable chunk of scenes set indoors are generally filmed in Los Angeles, California. Filming for such projects is usually carried out on soundstages at one of the many production facilities in the city.

On the other hand, Lifetime movies which have a lot of scenes that are set outdoors have mostly been filmed in Canada. The reason for this purely financial. The Canadian government provides lucrative tax credits for productions filming in the country which allows producers to cut down on their costs by a large margin.

Since ‘The Neighbor in The Window’ features a sizable proportion of scenes set outdoors, it MIGHT have been filmed in Canada. Vancouver in British Columbia has been a frequent filming location for Lifetime movies. So, ‘The Neighbor in the Window’ might have been filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Neighbor in the Window Cast: Who Plays Whom?

The cast of ‘The Neighbor in the Window’ is headlined by the American actress, Jamie-Lynn Sigler. She is best known for essaying the character of Meadow Soprano in the critically acclaimed series, ‘The Sopranos.’ Apart from that, she is also known for appearing on ‘Entourage’ as herself for a total of 13 episodes.

In the Lifetime movie, Sigler plays the character of Karen. On the other hand, the character of Lisa is played by Jenn Lyon. Lyon is best known for playing Jennifer Husser on the dramedy series, ‘Claws.’ Apart from that, she has also appeared in ‘Saint George’ and ‘Justified.’

Other than that, Geoff Gustafson stars as Scott, Karen’s husband while Azriel Dalman plays Karen’s son, Miles. Plus, David Lewis, Carmel Amit and Casey Manderson are also a part of the movie’s cast.