The Next Step Renewed For Season 10 at Family

‘The Next Step’ is not done dancing! The Cinemaholic can announce that Family Channel has renewed the teen drama series for its milestone tenth season. The shooting of the upcoming installment will start in Toronto, Ontario, on July 29 and conclude by September 10. Mitch Ness will return as a director of season 10 of the show, created by Frank Van Keeken.

In the ninth season, A-Troupe gears up for internationals amid challenges and decisions that test their unity. Ultra-Elite settles into a new studio while Jude contemplates a pivotal choice. Grace vies for a spot in A-Troupe, navigating resistance from Kenzie. Auditions intensify with unexpected alliances and betrayals, leading to tensions within the team. As internationals loom, Ariana grapples with leadership dilemmas while Ethan and Ebby pursue personal and romantic aspirations. The installment culminates with a high-stakes showdown where A-Troupe must unite to overcome formidable adversaries and secure their international dreams.

In the upcoming tenth season, fans can anticipate heightened drama and intensified rivalries as A-Troupe continues to strive for excellence in the competitive dance world. With new challenges and personal journeys ahead, the team may face pivotal decisions that can impact their future. With tensions expected to rise and alliances likely to shift, the quest for supremacy will likely drive the narrative, promising exhilarating performances and unexpected twists that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The tenth installment may feature Autumn Daye-Fraser as Ebby, Ben Williams as Pete, Blake Talabis as Anthony, Carter Musselman as Heath, Emmerly Tinglin as Kenzie, and Hattie Kragten as Olive. Also expected to return are Isaac Lupien as Eldon, Kate Roman as Ariana, Mila Sophia Tupy as Jett, and Myles Dobson as Nick. Additionally, Nicholas McClung as Niall, Renee Romolo as Izzy, Shane Mahabir as Ethan, and Sheriauna Haase as Adele are more than likely to come back. Fans can also anticipate more surprise returns and guest appearances further into the season.

After originally premiering on Family Channel in June 2023, the show moved to CBC Gem ahead of the seventh season. After the conclusion of the same installment, the teen drama once again found a new home, this time at YTV. After two seasons on YTV, the return to Family Channel is nothing short of a homecoming for the series.

The previous seasons of the show were also primarily filmed in Toronto. The city also hosted the shooting of Prime Video’s ‘The Boys‘ and Paramount+’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’

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