CBC’s Son of a Critch Season 4 Starts Filming in St. John’s in July

‘Son of a Critch’ will return to Newfoundland and Labrador’s backdrops in a month! The beloved CBC family series’ fourth season is set to begin filming in St. John’s in July. Mark Critch and Tim McAuliffe, who created the sitcom, continue to lead the writers’ room. John Vatcher, Vanessa Matsui, and Deanne Foley will return to direct the episodes, along with Joyce Wong.

The third season of the show revolves around a significant chapter in Mark’s coming-of-age journey as he bids farewell to St. Brigit’s School. The episodes also introduce numerous new characters and classmates who play pivotal roles in Mark’s growth alongside the familiar faces from previous installments. In the emotionally charged finale, Mark faces the daunting task of delivering a graduation speech, which prompts deep reflection on how his friends and family have shaped his life.

Since season 3 captures the bittersweet essence of saying goodbye while embracing the uncertainty of new beginnings, anticipation for the fourth installment is high as fans must be eager to see how Mark navigates the next phase of his life, which is high school. With new settings, challenges, and relationships that will continue to shape his character, the upcoming season is expected to delve deeper into the themes of growth, friendship, and teenage romance, exploring their enduring impact on Mark’s formative years.

The cast of the fourth season is expected to be led by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Mark Critch. He will most likely be joined by Mark Critch as Mike Critch, Claire Rankin as Mary Critch, Malcolm McDowell as Patrick “Pop” Critch, Sophia Powers as Jennifer Fox, Colton Gobbo as Mike Critch Jr., Mark Rivera as Ritchie Perez, and Richard Clarkin as Dick Dunphy.

Apart from ‘Son of a Critch,’ Ainsworth is best known for appearing in the Netflix horror series ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor,’ as well as voicing Pinocchio in the eponymous Robert Zemeckis-Tom Hanks film. McDowell, a veteran actor known for his extensive film and television career, brings gravitas to Patrick “Pop” Critch, Mark’s grandfather. Having recently celebrated his 81st birthday, the ‘A Clockwork Orange’ actor is as passionately busy as his younger self, with nearly a dozen upcoming projects locked under his belt.

Mark Critch is known for writing comedy sketches in various variety/reality shows, including the long-running ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ and ‘Just for Laughs.’ On the other hand, co-creator Tim McAuliffe has been a seasoned television writer, having been involved in the shows ‘Happy Together’ and ‘Satisfaction.’ He has also written episodes for various other projects, including the likes of ‘The Office’ and ‘The Last Man on Earth.’

The fourth season’s filming in the real-life locations in St. John’s will add authenticity to the series and Critch’s vision. The previous seasons of the sitcom were likewise shot in various spots in and around the city from July to October, only to premiere in the following winter, making the planned January 2025 return of the show all the more likely. Newfoundland and Labrador has become a popular shooting location, with other notable projects such as History’s ‘Beyond Oak Island,’ Hallmark’s ‘Everything Christmas,’ and Lifetime’s ‘A Chef’s Deadly Revenge‘ also shot in the province.

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