Tyler Perry’s Ruthless Renewed For Season 6 at BET+

The Rakudushi cult will continue to terrorize the viewers of BET+ for a long while! The Cinemaholic can announce that the streaming platform has renewed the drama series ‘Ruthless’ for its sixth season. The installment’s filming will start on July 15 in Atlanta, Georgia. Tyler Perry, who created, wrote, and directed the series, will continue to pen and helm the forthcoming episodes. The renewal has come ahead of the premiere of season 5.

In the fourth season’s second part, Ruth, Joan, and River plot to escape from the Rakudushi cult. Despite their commitment to the “escape plan,” Ruth gets forced to sabotage the same when certain revelations surface. Ruth and River also target The Highest’s money amid their attempts to disappear from his community. The FBI’s presence in the region to handle the cult poses a threat to the autonomy of Sheriff Conley.

As the installment progresses toward its conclusion, The Highest shares a new plan with Ruth, leaving her uncertain about her wish to escape. Aaron shows up at the sheriff’s office, paving the way for significant repercussions. Ruth turns against Joan by informing the other women that she cannot be trusted. Ruth’s escape plan comes to a halt when The Highest finds the essential means to do it. Meanwhile, a takeover and the FBI agents’ near arrival follow in the compound.

In the fifth season, we can expect the consequences of the FBI agents’ actions in the Rakudushi community. The Highest’s position within the cult may be shaken because of varying internal and external threats. Even though Andrew is eager to prove his loyalty to his leader, he may not be enough for the cult’s head to eliminate every sort of opposition. Ruth’s plans to escape from the cult have been affected by several developments. Considering that the sixth installment is on the horizon, her escape may not happen in season 5.

Melissa L. Williams is expected to continue leading the cast of the show when it returns to BET+ with the fifth installment. Matt Cedeño will most likely remain an integral part of the series as the antagonist, The Highest. Other returnees may include Lenny Thomas as Anthony/Dikhan, Blue Kimble as Andrew, Colin McCalla as River, Nadège August as Joan, Michelle Nuñez as Zane, Baadja-Lyne Odums as Marva, and Alise Willis as Lacey. Most of these cast members are expected to feature in the sixth installment as well.

Atlanta has been hosting the shooting of ‘Ruthless’ since its inception. The city is renowned as the production hub of almost all of the Tyler Perry productions, including other BET/BET+ shows such as ‘The Oval’ and ‘Sistas.’

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