The Night Agent Ending, Explained: Does Peter Become a Night Agent?

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Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ follows the story of Peter Sutherland, a young FBI agent embroiled in a conspiracy that can have devastating consequences for his country. The ten-episode season shows him figuring out what the bad guys are planning and how to stop them while also questioning the loyalty of everyone around them. The search for the truth puts Peter’s entire life on the line, especially when he’d been trying not to get into any such situation, especially after what happened to his father. If you want to find out what happens at the end of the season and what it means for Peter’s future, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Night Agent Plot Synopsis

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One year ago, FBI agent Peter Sutherland stopped an explosion that could claim thousands of lives. Now, he is hounded by conspiracy theorists who believe he was behind the blast. Instead of getting a promotion for saving the day, he is sent to work in a windowless basement in the White House. While he analyses reports, he waits for the phone on his desk to ring, which can only happen in extreme circumstances.

After months of silence, the phone finally rings, and Peter finds a woman named Rose Larkin on the other side. She got the code from her aunt and uncle, who she didn’t know were Night Agents. They are killed by a pair of assassins, who are now after her. Peter is assigned to keep her safe before her debriefing at the White House the next day. However, she tells Peter that someone at the White House is a mole, and they can’t trust anyone.

While evading the dangerous assassins hell-bent on killing them, Rose and Peter get to the bottom of the truth. They discover that the mole also had something to do with the explosion that happened a year ago and was stopped by Peter. Slowly, the entire picture becomes clear, and they discover that the President of the United States will be targeted by the people close to them.

The Night Agent Ending: Does Peter Sutherland Become a Night Agent?

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Peter and Rose discover that VP Ashley Redfield and Gordon Wick were behind the metro explosion, which was actually an assassination attempt on Omar Zadar. Redfield considered him a dangerous entity, but the President wanted to be in his good books because, despite his ideology, he was set to become the President of his country. So, Redfield conspired with Wick, and they planned to blow up an underground train, which would run directly underneath the cafe where Omar Zadar was supposed to be.

They know that Diane Farr is also involved with them, but she reveals that they have been ignoring her, which means they are executing their plan without her. It turns out that Redfield and Wick still want Zadar gone, but they have changed strategies. Now, the target is the President. She is set to meet Zadar at Camp David, where an explosion will kill both of them.
With Farr’s help, Peter and Rose sneak into Camp David, where Redfield has already isolated himself to the bunker in anticipation of the explosion.

Rose works to make the comms work again, which have been jammed to stop any communication that could disrupt the plan. She cracks it just in time, and President is alerted before the explosion occurs. However, Peter discovers that there is another bomb inside the helicopter. He knows he will not be taken seriously otherwise, so he holds the President captive and asks her security to check the helicopter. For a minute, it looks like the President’s security detail will take him out, but the bomb is discovered. It explodes, but there is no loss of life. The President’s life is saved.

Back at the White House, Peter is given a clean chit, wiping away every allegation made against him by the villains who wanted to stop him. The President asks what he’d like in return for saving her life. He demands the truth about his father. He is given the video of his final interview, where he confesses to having unintentionally leaked confidential documents to the Russians. Peter is disappointed to find out that his father was a traitor. However, the President reveals that there was more to the story.

Peter’s father had agreed to become a double agent and was to spy on the Russians. But someone caught wind of the project, and they killed him. The car crash in which his father died was neither accident nor a suicide. It was murder. The President assures Peter that her father had tried to do right by his country and was not what the media painted him to be. Then, she offers him a job. Seeing how capably he’d handled the entire situation, she gives him a chance to know what’s on the other side of the call he attended in the Night Watch.

In the final scene, we see Peter bidding Rose goodbye and boarding a plane. He is now a Night Agent and is on his first secret mission. This gives him a fitting ending, as it not only resolves the questions and the conflicted feelings about his father but also gives him the opportunity he’d been looking for all this while. Peter had long desired to become a field agent, but something or the other always hindered his path. Now, he finally has what he wished for.

What Happens to Rose Larkin?

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Rose Larkin had been pushed out of her own company and had to declare bankruptcy at the beginning of the season. She thought she was finished when things got worse. Her aunt and uncle were killed, and she was sent on the run. She rediscovered her flair for cybersecurity while getting to the bottom of the truth. She tells Peter that when all this is done, she will return to California and start again. She’ll even get a new name and identity so that she is not hounded by everything that has happened to her in the past week.

In the final scene, we find her escorting Peter to his pick-up, from where he flies off to his next mission. They promise to be in touch with each other, which means they are interested in giving their relationship a shot. While Peter is off somewhere else, executing a mission, we assume Rose will go through with her plan and start fresh in California. There is, however, another possibility.

The conversation about California happened when Peter and Rose were still fugitives. When the dust settles, Peter and Rose meet the President. After this, Peter is offered a job as a Night Agent. Considering that Rose had been equally responsible for saving the day, it is possible that the President also offered her a job. A person with her skills could be very useful, especially in espionage. Could we find her and Peter reunited in another mission, with her being the brains and him the muscle?

Rose dropping off Peter gives more weight to this possibility. It is not the usual airport that Peter takes off from. It is reserved for people like him, the Night Agents whose destination is supposed to be a secret to everyone. For Rose to be allowed in, there means that she, too, has the clearance that Peter enjoys now. If so, then yes, it looks like Rose has left behind her plans to go to California and will be working on some top-secret projects herself.

Does Diane Farr Die?

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Diane Farr is one of the most dubious characters in ‘The Night Agent.’ In the beginning, Peter trusts her completely. He believes if there is one person in the White House who is not a mole, it is her. Rose has her doubts, and they are proven right when it turns out that Farr was the one ratting them out to the assassins and trying to get them killed. At first, Peter and Rose believe that Farr was also involved in the metro bombing, but it turns out that she got involved with Redfield and Wick after the bombing.

Like them, she’d been against befriending Omar Zadar and wanted to see him gone. However, when she discovers that the President has become the new target, she helps Peter and Rose break into Camp David. She is shot in the back by one of Redfield’s men, and for a moment, it looks like she died. After the President has been saved and all the explosives are dealt with, Rose returns to find her alive.

Now that Rose knows that Farr was the one who ordered the hit on her aunt and uncle, she vows to get her revenge. Farr thinks that Rose will kill her, but Rose helps keep her alive. She doesn’t want Farr to get the easy way out. She wants her to be arrested and tried in court, so everyone can find out about everything she did and all the people she killed. Rose wants to get justice for her aunt, uncle, and Lorna by sending Farr to prison for the rest of her life.

What Happens to VP Ashley Redfield?

Ashley Redfield didn’t want the President to become friends with Omar Zadar. He believed that Zadar was a terrorist. He had such hatred for Zadar that he was ready to sacrifice the lives of hundreds and thousands of people for it. One year later, he still holds the same position. He wants Zadar gone, but his ambition has taken flight this time. He wants to remove the President from the equation, which would make him the President, giving him absolute power.

Once again, Redfield is ready to kill many other people just because he wants the President dead. He waits in the panic room with his daughter to wait out the explosion. He doesn’t realize that Maddie has figured out what he is up to. She demands to be let go, revealing that even if he becomes the President, she will tell the world what he did. So, he decides to let her go, knowing full well that the explosion is about to happen at any moment now.

While Redfield waits for the fruits of his labor, he doesn’t know that Peter and Rose have foiled everything. When everything is wrapped up, Maddie leads Arrington to her father. Redfield is shocked because not only has he lost his only daughter, but his truth has come to light, and he will have to pay the price for his actions. While the ending doesn’t clarify what happens to him, we can assume he is held accountable for his actions. He committed treason and acts of terrorism against the country, meaning he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Meanwhile, his daughter decides to live on her own terms and considers moving to Rome for an art program. Because Redfield is not the Vice President anymore, the protection detail given to Maddie is removed. This leaves Arrington free to pursue other avenues. She is offered to join the President’s security detail, and after little thought, she happily agrees to take it.

What Happens to Gordon Wick?

All the horrible things in ‘The Night Agent’ couldn’t have been possible without Gordon Wick. As a businessman, having the President of the country in his pocket would prove very useful to him. This is why he conspires with Redfield to take down President Travers. He provides the muscle behind the operation and is ready to kill anyone who might stand in his path, including Redfield’s daughter.

Because Wick is not in the President’s circle, he observes the events happening at Camp David from a safe distance. This is why, when everything calms down, it is easier for him to escape. Now that everything has come to light, he knows that he will be charged with attempting to assassinate the President. This is going to get him a death sentence or a life sentence. He can only escape that if he doesn’t get caught. Redfield had been inside the panic room, so he could not run. Wick, on the other hand, has both the opportunity and the resources to disappear from the face of the earth, so this is what he does.

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