The Night Logan Woke Up Won’t Come Back For Season 2

In its initial first season run, ‘The Night Logan Woke Up’ charted the story of the Larouche family, intrinsically dysfunctional due to a decades-old secret. The French-Canadian drama show follows Mireille, a thanatologist, who returns to her hometown after her mother’s death. The Larouche brothers, Julien, Denis, and Elliot’s tense reunion with their estranged sister brings up several familial issues as the family continues to be haunted by Julien and Mireille’s past with their childhood neighbor, Logan Goodyear.

Within his TV series directorial debut, Xavier Dolan brings to life the inane chaos and tragedy of the Larouche family in the wake of a monumental loss. Due to the well-written nature of these characters and their predicaments, it’s easy to invest in the story of this small-town Quebecian family. Therefore, if the first season’s end has left you wondering about a return for the show, here is everything you need to know about the possibility of the same. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will There Be a The Night Logan Woke Up Season 2?

While crafting the show, Director and Writer Xavier Dolan remained intentional about the story’s episodic nature, employing each episode to its full potential and creating a rhythmic flow ripe with suspense. In a conversation with Le Figaro, Dolan discussed this premeditated plan in depth and divulged how he took care to have the pilot episode focus on Julien, the second on Mireille’s introduction, the third on the family, and so on.

Since the show is an adaptation of Michel Marc Bouchard’s play ‘La Nuit où Laurier Gaudreault s’est Réveillé,’ Dolan wanted to ensure he and his team of producers, actors, and others told this story to the best of their capacity. In the end, Dolan achieved ‘The Night Logan Woke Up’ as it stands today. “It’s very existential and whole humanly and sociologically as a small collection of five episodes,” said the Director, originally in French. “It drained me a little of my desires, of my ideas; I gave everything to this series, and that’s why I’m proud of it because I think it’s a complete project.”

Consequently, in light of that sentiment, the possibility of renewal for ‘The Night Logan Woke Up’ seems bleak. Likewise, the show’s roots in a play further robs the story of a possible continuation. The show’s season one delivers a compact story about the Larouches with a start, a middle, and an end. As such, it’s difficult to imagine a return for these characters with new narratives and storylines.

Nevertheless, the show has brought a fresh chapter in Dolan’s life. Entangled in recent chatter about his retirement from filmmaking, Dolan made a statement on his Instagram, asserting, “I might direct series. I do not wish to direct films anymore.” Therefore, we can conclude that ‘The Night Logan Woke Up’ has at least positively affected Dolan’s creativity and might push him to bring other series to life, if not a season two for the former show. Still, even though the chances seem low, it is best to await an official announcement from Dolan himself or other officials involved in the show’s making. Until then, viewers should not expect a season two.

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