The November Man Ending, Explained

Roger Donaldson brings an enthralling CIA operative to plate in 2014, Pierce Brosnan starring action thriller ‘The November Man.’ Based on the novel ‘There Are No Spies’ by Bill Granger, the politically charged story follows the titular November man, who becomes the victim of a massive conspiracy. He must fight back and reveal the larger conspiracy.

This movie finally rests its case in our shared humanity while the perpetrators get their due payment. While the movie uses much of the hackneyed genre tropes, the film still comes off as a compelling midnight watch. The finale of the tale is seemingly conclusive, but some tracks may remain a bit obscure. If you cannot comprehend the final minutes of the movie, let us give you a round-up. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The November Man Plot Synopsis

Nothing gets past the “November Man,” earning him his moniker in CIA. In the early moments, Peter Devereaux leads David Mason on a protective mission in far-flung Montenegro. David disobeys Peter’s order and fires shots, accidentally assailing a child civilian. After his retirement, Peter chooses a reclusive life but is contacted by former colleague Hanley to retrieve Peter’s old love, Natalia, from Moscow. Natalia Ulanova, a sleeper agent for the CIA, is also the aid of the Russian president-elect Arkady Fedorov.

The camera sees Natalia taking pictures of sensitive photos by breaking into Fedorov’s chest. Fedorov finds the safe open and contacts FSB to execute Natalia. Peter jumps into the action, which subsequently reveals a more extensive international conspiracy in the making. However, while the audience remains in a state of utter confusion, a CIA operative team enters the picture headed by none other than David. David snipes down Natalia, but Natalia spills the name of Mira Filipova, which plunges Peter into a far more labyrinthine plot tied to his own life and those near to him.

The November Man Ending: Is Lucy Safe? Why Does Mason Help Peter?

In the beginning, Peter runs a small café in Lausanne, and high-ranking CIA official John Hanley comes to meet him in person. Hanley reveals that a contract killer named Alexa Demoystria is executing murders around Moscow, which may be linked to the would-be president Arkady Fedorov. He also states that Natalia Ulanova has become too close to the president-elect, but she knows something terrible about him. Peter rushes to retrieve Natalia from Moscow but fails in the mission as the CIA executes Natalia.

It is later revealed in the plot that Peter and Natalia were involved. Scouring surveillance footage, David comes to identify a little girl named Lucy. David comes to report this valuable piece of information to Weinstein. They bring in Hanley in a covert interrogation chamber in a container port. Celia is unable to crack Hanley, but Peter comes to the scene for a heated confrontation. Hanley plays Peter, and Peter is led to believe that Weinstein is the perpetrator. Hanley kidnaps Lucy to use her as a bargaining chip against Mira in the finality of events, but Peter suggests Mira wait at the train station.

Hanley arranges a call between Peter and Lucy, and Celia finds the location of Lucy by tracking the phone call. Peter sends Hanley’s agents to a bus station to thwart them off the course, and to make things further interesting, David makes a bold choice. In a massive stunt, he crashes a car to the wall, but it’s worth it. David alone rescues Lucy and brings her to Peter while taking care of Hanley himself. Lucy is safe as she comes back to her father. Together, they meet Mira at the train station and embark upon new beginnings.

But one may wonder why David chooses to help Peter in the end. As per the documents shown to David by Weinstein, Peter dropped David from the mission, deeming him “unfit to operate.” Therefore, David may still hold a grudge against him and side with the devil on a superficial level. He is compelled to make a choice, which is all it takes to make a lasting change. Peter’s complaint with David is that he does not value life. Therefore, it is not strange that after the death of Natalia, Peter goes on a killing spree executing all of the CIA agents barring David. The master and the apprentice are shocked to see each other, and they pause for a moment.

David retreats, blowing up the car. He does not expect to see Peter there, and in the end, the apparent coincidence seems to be orchestrated by Hanley. Peter lays low outside David’s apartment, and they meet again when Peter kidnaps Sarah. Peter threatens to kill Sarah while suggesting to Sarah that Mason has not decided whether she is expendable. He escapes before killing them, however, which gives David something to think about. Peter is a father figure to David, and when he sees a chance to atone for his past mistakes, he takes the chance without much delay.

Does Mira Send the Mail?

The story reveals that Mira is the key to a massive plot orchestrated by the CIA with a former army general and president-elect Fedorov. Mira, a twelve-year-old girl, was the impressionable daughter of two university professors. Well-versed in Russian and English, Chechnyan refugee Mira mysteriously disappeared. She was apparently close to Fedorov, but no trace of her remains, apart from her refugee caseworker Alice Fournier. Alice agrees to sit for an interview with New York Times journalist Edgar Simpson but is later taken to safety by Peter.

Peter discovers that Alice can speak both Russian and English and plays the piano like a pro. CIA also probes into the matter, which reveals that Alice and Mira are the same people. At first hesitant, Mira later plans to meet Edgar and tell him everything she knows about Arkady Fedorov. We get to know that Arkady Fedorov sexually assaulted Mira on multiple occasions. The story also reveals that Fedorov was involved in instigating civil unrest.

Fedorov and CIA operative Hanley worked hand in hand to orchestrate a building explosion, the blame of which went to Chechnyan terrorists, which finally sparked off the Chechen-Russia conflict. In the fast-paced final moments, Mira decides to send the mail to the New York Times in the memory of Edgar Simpson. Mira uses a public computer to write the report, while Simpson’s assailant Alexa chases her to the station. Alexa comes to locate Mira, but Mira strikes her down with a tank at the station exit before Alexa can pull her trigger. In the end, Mira can send the report that finally nullifies Fedorov’s candidacy.

Is Arkady Fedorov Dead or Alive?

In the final moments, the story comes together as Peter, Mira, and Lucy hop on the train to chart new frontiers. Following Mira’s statement at the UN, Fedorov loses his prospective presidency. But another surprise awaits the viewers in the penultimate sequence. Fedorov is spending a vacation with his girls at his yacht, and he is seemingly unmoved by the devastating news.

However, after the international scandal erupts, he must die to stabilize the world order. Therefore, he is assassinated in the final moments. We don’t know who kills him, but corrupt to a core, Fedorov does not have a lack of enemies. It can be Chechen terrorists, and this possibility would bring the story full circle. It can also be David Mason, and we have seen him demonstrating his sniping skills. Either way, Fedorov becomes a victim in his own conspiracy.

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