The Peripheral Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Image Credit: Sophie Mutevelian/Prime Video

Amazon Prime’s sci-fi series, ‘The Peripheral‘ is set in two different timelines. One follows the characters in the near future, while the other takes them to the twenty-second century. The show begins with many mysteries at its core, but with the season inching toward its finale, we start to get some answers that have been lingering since the first episode. Flynne Fisher finds herself more in control of the situation, or at least she is led to believe that she is in control. The introduction of a new character also promises turmoil for the others, who have already been struggling on a lot of fronts. This end of this episode marks the beginning of a new set of troubles for Flynne and her friends. Here’s what it all means for the future of ‘The Peripheral’. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Peripheral Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with a flashback. We are taken back to 2028 when Burton and his friends are still soldiers and Connor’s limbs are still intact. This scene also played out in the previous episode, but that was how Aelita saw it in the future. This time, things get more intense as we follow Connor’s perspective. He is still haunted by the incident that changed his life forever. While his friends try to comfort him, he can’t wait to get into his peripheral that’s waiting for him in the future.

Image Credit: Sophie Mutevelian/Prime Video

In the future, the head of the Met police, Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer is made aware of the ongoing situation. The case under investigation pertains to the night Flynne and Wilf broke into Aelita’s hiding place and it ended with Daniel’s death. The ongoing trouble between RI and Lev Zubov has not escaped the Inspector’s notice and she is in no mood to let things escalate. She pays a visit to Zubov, who is rattled by her sudden appearance. This proves that the Inspector is a formidable figure, one that even Zubov doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of.

Back in Flynne’s timeline, Tommy discovers that his police chief is involved with Corbell Pickett and was the one who ambushed him and Rob, and kidnapped the latter. Meanwhile, Pickett and his wife antagonize a captive Rob, who has to come up with a creative, and rather painful, way to escape captivity and ensure his freedom.

The Peripheral Episode 6 Ending: Where Did Aelita Hide the Files From Godfont?

There are a lot of things that need to be answered in ‘The Peripheral’, but the mystery of Aelita West is everyone’s topmost priority. She is being hunted by Lev Zubov as well as the Research Institute, and the reason is that she stole something from the RI facilities, something that is invaluable to both Zubov and Nuland. Because Flynne assisted Aelita in stealing it from RI, everyone believes that she must know where it is. However, Flynne is still in the dark about what it is that she actually stole. It might take a while for her to uncover that mystery, but the answer to where Aelita hid that information is hinted at in this episode.

Ever since the RI heist, Flynne has experienced muscle spasms, while also suffering a full-blown seizure. Burton believes that it is because she is spending too much time with the headset. However, Wilf assures her that the headset is used by a lot of people and has never shown any adverse effects before. He believes that something else is the cause of this sudden illness. At Burton’s behest, Flynne agrees to go for an MRI, which is where the doctor finds something very unusual.

Despite suffering a seizure, Flynne’s brain shows no evidence of its occurrence. If someone were to look at her MRI, they would deduce that she is a perfectly healthy person with no problems whatsoever. A deeper look reveals that there is a rare form of bacterial infection inside Flynne’s brain, though the doctor has no idea how that could have happened. When Ash comes across this finding, she finds it equally peculiar, which leads her to believe that the infection might be caused by something foreign in Flynne’s brain, something that has only recently appeared there. She suspects that it might be the information that Aelita and Flynne stole that night. And to her credit, it makes a lot of sense.

The night that Aelita and Flynne went to the RI facility, Aelita forced Flynne to scan her eye at the Godfont. It was a painful process, but Aelita forced Flynne to suffer through it. At the time, Flynne receives no explanation as to why that had to be done, but in the hindsight, it makes total sense that Aelita would hide the most important thing in a place where no one can reach it. It is a bit difficult to understand how she did it, but Aelita used Flynne’s peripheral to access her brain and use it to store the stolen information.

Because Flynne is physically in the past, there is no way that RI or even Zubov could get to her. Even if they did hire someone to kill Flynne and carve out her brain, the past doesn’t have the technology to extract the information from it. So, the only person who can access that information is Flynne, which means that the fate of the world might rest in her hands now. The problem is that she doesn’t know it yet, and if she doesn’t figure out a way to do it soon, her health might worsen over time, maybe even leading to her death.

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